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US Expansion (Texas)- Texas,1810o American’s heard about Texas, through the report of Pike, and they learn about everything Texas could for themo In 1810, there is a revolt against Spanish rule in Texas, Spain is not doing well at this time because Napoleon has it under his control and so there is no pay for the soldiers and the ships that traveling there are being attack by the Britisho The Spanish relied on trade with the Comanche so that they wouldn’t attack them and over time the supplies were not getting there and so they attacked Spanish settlements and the army wasn’t getting paid so they have no need to help anyoneo American’s had the urge to expand the country, the first filibuster of land we see is in Texas, they try to expand the country by force o In 1812, the expedition of southern states and Spanish exiles, marched into Texas,with the leader of this group, Goode Arises, the group number 300 meno In April 1813, the expedition reached San Antonio and took it, Goode wanted to seek redemption and he rounded up anyone who kicked him out and he had them killed by firing squad, some of the American’s see this leave because they don’t want any part of thato In August, of that year, a Mexican army marches into San Antonio and meet him at the Medina River, and defeat them, they also rounded up everyone that was stillthere and killed everyone, to show a sign that anyone else that tried the same would get the sameo One of the younger leaders of Spanish of the army at this time was Antonio LopezDe Santana, and he took the idea of killing everyone after the battle and used it in the future- Moses and Stephen F Austino The next American group that moved into Texas did it legally because they didn’tnot want to battle the Spanisho The movement to Texas, was started by Moses Austin, and he wanted to do it legally, at this time no one in Mexico wanted to move to Mexico and this was a problem for the Spanisho Moses owned all the lead mines around, and anytime you needed to use lead you had to get it from himo Moses wanted to find new lead mines to expand his business, in 1819 he put all his money in the bank in St. Louis, so he could move out to Texas, but this bank fails and he loses all of his moneyo He comes up with a plan that, he will go to the Spanish and ask for land that he can then sell to the Americans, and in December he was given the land, with the permission to sell the land to Americans if they swore an oath to the Spanish government and turn to Spanish ways and customs and defend Texas for the Spanisho Stephen Austin the son of Moses, was a successful lawyer in Arkansas, and he leftall that behind to fulfill his father’s dream of settling Texaso The land give to Austin was 200,000 acres, what is now the area between Austin and San Antonio, there was no way to make that much money off the land o Each person that moved to Texas got 4,000 acres, and only had to pay for the transfer of the deed to the person which was $40 that had to be paid in 6 yearso Austin liked this a lot because he had control over everything that went on in the land he had, he was basically the king, government and general, and judge all rolled into oneo There were no agricultural taxes on farm supplies and there is no land taxes for 10years, and the only that was hard for the people moving there was that, they had tochange religions and customs, and no one could bring in slaves thereo Other American’s saw what Austin was doing and they did the same thing, in 1830 there were 30,000 American’s in Texas, most of them moved to Texas in thelate 1820’so Many people that were in debt to other people or the banks would board up their house and then move to Texas because they could run away from their debto Americans did a lot of shady things in Texas, slaves were being imported in the US, goods would be smuggled into Texas and then sold for higher prices, slaves were even moved into Texas to work the land, in 1830 the Spanish had enough with all the immigrants into Texaso In 1830, the Americans out number Texas natives 7:1 and Texas was a refuge forpeople running away from debt and everyone would flock their when they were introuble, people that wanted to own land also moved there because there was no way to get that much land in the easto People moved to Texas to start new lives, one of these people was William Travis- Texas Revolutiono During this time people would flock to Texas to start a new life, like William Traviso Was a former lawyer but left home after he racked up debt he couldn’t pay, so he left for Texaso One of the big three of the Alamoo In April 6, 1830 the Mexican government had enough with everyone going into Texas illegally and all the things that were happening in Texas, so they came up with a new lawso The law of April 6th said no more Americans could come into Texas, the slave thatwere in Texas could stay but no more could enter, they also said everyone had to convert to Catholicism o The US had already offered to buy Texas from Mexico, but Great Britain at the time told them not to, so they never sold it to the USo To make sure the law were being enforced and to make sure no more people got, the Mexican army is sent into Texaso The Mexican army now enforces all the laws, and now collects taxes on imported farm supplies and this starts the push for freedom in Texaso The American’s didn’t like that they had to change religion, and they didn’t like how the army was coming into Texas and enforcing laws, so two different parties form one lead by Austin for peace with Mexico and the other by Travis who wanted a revolution to win freedomo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, leads a revolt against Mexico and talks with American in Texas that he wanted to make a Federal Mexico and that every state would have a say in what they wanted in their stateo Later Santa Anna won power, and he became president of Mexico, and he then changes his plans, in 1834 he was elected a second time as president and changed all the power to him and his dictatorship, now he has all the power to control the states and what they did and has complete control over the armyo Texas was not the only state to rebel against Mexico, some states in Mexico revolted and Santa crushed their revolts and killed all of

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