FSU AMH 3444 - Westward Movement after the Revolution

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Westward Movement after the Revolution- After the Revolution there are still wars being fought between Americans and Indian groups because of westward expansion- In part most of these wars are caused by British Policy, this was because they were sad about losing the war- The British couldn’t send any more troops because it would cost too much money, so they pay Indians and give them supplies to make it hard and to stop Americans from going west- The British game land to the Indians in Canada and The Spanish gives land to Indians in Florida and southern states to stop American from expanding- One of the more famous Indians was Decomsa, he grew up in Americans towns and got into trouble and drank a lot, and on one of these drinking events he had a vision- The vision said give up all the white customs and go back to your Indian roots, and you will stop the American expansion- The British see this movement and say we will supply you with weapons, to help this movement- Decomsa, had a brother called the Prophet and he spoke and travel around to the Native American tribes, and brought all the tribes together in 1807-1808, and the British give them all weapons- Decomsa meets his match, his name was William Harry Harrison, he was the leader of the Virginia Territory, he attack when Decomsa territory when Decomsa wasn’t there, this Battle was at Tippecanoe, he defeats Decomsa’s brother and some Indian groups- Word gets back to Congress that the British are supplying Indians with weapons and the America needed to do something to stop this- Some of the congress men that hear this new argue, that because the Indians are being supplied out west by British are a threat to national security, but others in the North doesn’t feel this because they are so far away from the west- Theses congress men from the west argue and say that the British are threating their merchant interests and this draws them into wars- At the Battle of Tams Decomsa is killed and the large grouping is broken apart in 1812, and they now stop all British supplies to the Indians (this also known as Battle of 1812)- The two leaders of this movement to stop the Indians was Harrison and Andrew Jackson, both later become President and without this war Jackson wouldn’t have been the president or famous- There were different groups of Indians that still try to fight, like the Pro British Creek or Red Sticks and they attack Fort Mims and kill everyone there- Andrew Jackson at the time was a General of the Tennessee army and in 1814 he is give power to attack these Indians and he does and after the war he made the Pro Americans Creeks were forced to give up lands and swear an oath not to attack- Jackson now opened the Mississippi territory for American expansion, and Jackson doesn’t want the British or anyone else to supply the Indians so he invades Florida and tell the British and Spanish if they do that he would kill them- Later Jackson will become President and if this war didn’t happen then he wouldn’t be able to gain the power to become that- Thomas Jeffersono Was one of the major influences at the time of the war of 1812o He belong to a political philosophy in the US, he believed in a strict reading of theconstitution and that whatever wasn’t on the it then the state had the right to do it and not the governmento Jefferson was a realist, he understood that people moving out west, were going there to farm and it would be hard for them to get their products back to the easto He understood that the people out west needed better ways of transportation or this would lead to a division in the country and may lead to a civil waro The Ohio river flows all the way to the Mississippi river and by doing this it allowed, products to be shipped down the river all the way to New Orleans o They would use a flat boat to ride the river down and sell their products and have to walk back to their starting point o Jefferson in president in 1801, and New Orleans at the time is under the Spanish control and then the French, and the French closes their trade to Americanso Napoleon wanted to establish the French Empire, in America and he wanted to send 40,000 of his troops to do this at the timeo This doesn’t happen because in Hade, has a slave revolt and this is a French territory, Napoleon has to send the troops there, and his troops gets destroyed, andhe is also facing other forces in Europe and needs a lot of money for supplieso Napoleon is offered money for New Orleans by Jefferson before all this, and Napoleon counter offers and says he will sell all French Territory in Americao This land offer is called the Louisiana Purchase, and Jefferson is in a blunder because nowhere in the constitution that says he can buy the land, so he breaks hisrules and buys it

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FSU AMH 3444 - Westward Movement after the Revolution

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