IWU SWK 665 - 2.3 Assignment: Servant Leadership

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13SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE 2.3 Assignment: Servant Leadership 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE [email protected] Assignment: Servant LeadershipPlease identify and select one of the areas that you rated the lowest. Please answer each of the reflection questions on the site and identify one action step you could take to develop this ability.From the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire, the areas I scored lowest on our self-awareness and balanced processing. As a servant leader, sometimes I tend not to be aware of various aspects such as my capable traits and behaviours and feelings. Also, I find difficulty in objectively analyzing other people's information before making a decision. I take time to evaluate others' opinions and ensure they fit within the objectives of the group. However,I plan to improve on these traits by gaining confidence in my abilities and collaborating with team members to agree on a reasonable opinion. Through this strategy, it is possible to take corrective initiatives and model opinions to drive the team forward. Where are your current areas of strength as a servant leader?As a servant leader, my focus is on the needs of team members before considering mine. Therefore, my current areas of strength are sharing leadership, valuing people, displaying authenticity, and build community (SLP, 2021). I acknowledge the perspectives of others in making leadership decisions. I also value my team, listen to them, and give them the support theyrequire to meet their needs and achieve professional and personal objectives. Additionally, I involve them in decision-making processes where necessary and develop a sense of community in the Organization. When using this leadership style, the outcomes are usually more trust, engagement, and healthy relationships among group members and other stakeholders. It also leads to increased innovation.3How can you implement one or more aspects of servant leadership in your current role at a job, in your home or as a volunteer?One approach to implement servant leadership is leading by example. A group leader candecide and join his team members to accomplish a task within an organization. This shows that they are always ready to do the kind of work expected of the group members. When a group lags in achieving its business goals, the group leader should chip in and assist where necessary to helpan organization achieve business objectives.Another aspect of servant leadership can be implemented through encouraging collaboration. A team leader can allow his followers to share their views on thriving in their engagements. This can be done by holding small, brief meetings where employees are invited to share their thoughts. During these meetings, the servant leader receives information on how organizations can further improve their services, how organizations can simplify work and how supervisory teams can work on their initiatives. The last aspect of implementing servant leadership includes showing representatives that they care about their professional life and their general welfare. To achieve this, the organizations should introduce employee welfare programs that encourage their group to have healthy living to be more productive. References4Norman, Z. (2016). Understanding Instructor's Servant Leadership and Transformational Leadership Styles in Relation to Students' Engagement in Higher Learning. SSRN Electronic Journal. https://doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2834632 SLP. (2021). SLP Self Assessment. Servant Leader Performance. Retrieved 2 July 2021, from

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IWU SWK 665 - 2.3 Assignment: Servant Leadership

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