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1 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE Strength-Based Leadership 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE [email protected] Strength-Based Leadership Based on the strengths listed in Table 6.1, select five strengths that you think are descriptive of Brene Brown. Explain your answer. Brene Brown exhibits different types of leadership strengths. The first strength that Brown can be identified with is adaptability. Although Brene traveled accross many regions and experienced many challenges, she adapted quickly to situations. Another strength she possesses is that of an achiever. This strength is portrayed is her determination to do things in her ideal approach, which she managed successfully. An excellent example of this would be her research interest, which she excelled in and wrote about in her book. The third skill Brene has is that she is strategic. The strength is depicted in her ability to design strategic plans. According to Northouse (2019), strategic plans can guide the personal and professional life of an individual. The fourth strength that Brene has is the focus. This feature is shown in her ability to achieve her objectives. Without focus, Brene would not be where she is currently, keeping in mind that various challenges describe her past. The fifth strength that Brene possesses is that she is an intelligent individual. The academic and professional life achievements evidence the intellectual strengths. The fact that Brene is a professor confirms that she is indeed an intellectual person. Based on your answer to the previous question, which of the 4 Domains of Talent Themes found in Table 6.2 (Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, or Strategic3 thinking) do you think best apply to Brene? Which domain do you believe is her strongest? Explain. After reviewing the case study, the best domains that can be identified with Brene are executing and strategic thinking. Focusing on strategic thinking, Brene is a strategic thinker. She can think strategically and critically to challenge the outdated methodologies utilized reporting results from research and apply to her approach. What's more, after coming up with strategic plans, she had to execute them. Therefore, the strongest domain Brene possesses is strategic thinking. Brene intellect assists her with utilizing the strategic skills to make good decisions effectively. Describe how these strengths may serve her well as a leader and why. Under what circumstances might they not serve her well? Adaptability is an essential requirement for any leader since change is inevitable. The adaptability strength will help Brene succeed. It will prepare her to confront unforeseen circumstances and guide her to research things that can work in challenging circumstances. Moreover, the strength of Achiever will help Brene have the drive and determination to accomplish objectives. Brene will take immense fulfilment when her team is busy and productive. However, this strength might not serve her well because there are always unforeseen obstacles that will hinder their objectives. In case this occurs, Brene could be disheartened, and this will also affect followers who look to her for guidance.4 Nonetheless, the strength of strategic thinking will enable Brene to work with plans. In this process, she acquires reasoning, learning, and making sound decisions to enable people to move forward when they face obstacles. Also, the strength of focus is essential in improving leadership. This strength will help Brene cultivate a complete understanding of how she focuses on the future world and also improve her ability to develop strategy and manage people. Lastly, intelligence will allow Brown to evaluate opinions from different stakeholders and hypothetically utilize them to devise a strategy to drive the organization forward. By being able to piece together valuable input from others, better plans can be developed to increase efficiency. What recommendations might you have for Brene as a leader, given her unique set of strengths and the pros and cons they represent? My recommendation for Brene is for her to remain transparent and continue creating an environment that encourages creativity. Transparency builds trust in the team. Moreover, providing learning opportunities through sharing intellect would be vital for enhancing Brene's leadership. However, transparency and sharing of intellect can also lead to loss of critical information through whistleblowing. Nevertheless, the last recommendation for Brene is to demonstrate strong communication skills and remain optimistic about whatever they do, which increases collaboration and productivity. References5 Northouse, P. (2021) Engaging Strengths. Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed. pp. 127-155).

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IWU SWK 665 - Strength-Based Leadership

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