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1 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE 2.1 Discussion: Devotional - The Power of Identity 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE [email protected] 2.1 Discussion: Devotional - The Power of Identity Have you ever heard the voice or whisper of God telling you that you are his beloved child and that He is well pleased with you? Explain. If not, what is your reaction to considering this? I would say that it’s more so a feeling that I have encountered, and it was strong. A feeling that He was proud or that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do. It has felt like a sign or pathway to everything that is meant for me. Within this, I have felt that he was pleased with me and my accomplishments. Describe an experience when you felt someone was questioning who you are or what you stand for like Jesus experienced in the desert. What was your response? How did your knowledge of God, his word, and your relationship with him affect your behavior, attitude, or choices? I feel that who I has been questioned in several situations, I mean don’t we all experience this. There was one time at work that I was trying to help the client by reporting some situations at home. I was accused of doing it for other reasons. I wanted her to have the best quality of life that she could receive, and it wasn’t in the environment she was in. I responded by setting the record straight by stating what was needed for the client in this situation. That it had nothing to do with me or being too involved by rather that she needed this. Through this process God was standing with me. He gave me the grace and knowledge I needed to guide me. I didn’t react in anger but rather I was calm and knew what my “mission” was and that’s what I stuck too.3 Although Jesus knew who he was, he did not respond to Satan in the wilderness by defending himself, but by reminding Satan of the words and truth of God. Why was this a better way to respond? How can using the truth of God’s word help you to know who you are to God and respond to temptations to act in ways contrary to your identity? Give an example This is a better way to respond because we aren’t here to defend ourselves but to spread the truth that is there. Defending ourselves isn’t always productive but can steer away from the objective. It can cause a lot of unnecessary things to occur. Instead of being defensive we should take what is being said and act on it. Use it to grow and spread the light/truth in the situation. Jesus’ approach was way more productive this way because His message got across. I think that understanding and knowing God’s word most definitely helps us understand ourselves. I don’t have to give into sin or temptation with evil/negative responses. I can take the high road because that’s what God would want of

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IWU SWK 665 - The Power of Identity

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