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ETHICS 16.2 Discussion: Ethics 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE Author's Email: [email protected]'s NoteETHICS 2 6.2 Discussion: EthicsBriefly explain what the organization does.In this discussion, the organization I will focus on is Beam Inc. The company offers plug-and-play, app-based mobile banking for financial institutions that look to build and develop clients' core deposit franchises. The company uses the latest technology to effectively assist financial institutions in implementing the banking business unit, thus avoiding upfront investment. In other words, the organization builds and service deposit accounts automatically with no marketing costs. State what the potential ethical issue could be.One of the significant ethical issues associated with this company is defrauding its clientsby misrepresenting financial statements. The top management took advantage of the information they possessed regarding the organization's actual financial position and availed overstated information to practice insider trading to raise more revenue. Therefore, the company engaged in greed to ensure their ill motive continues to run smoothly. The company practiced off-balance-sheet financing through the help of subsidiaries to grow its portfolio. This mode of funding inflated profits and reduced its debts at the same time.What's more, the practice escalated when the top management signed the organization's off-balance sheet dealings. The employees decided to engage in these unethical practices primarily because of the competitive nature of the banking industry. The organization was aggressive in the industry and compensated workers who made fast deals that increased the company's profits. Therefore, this practice made workers restructure their operations to make more closed deals to aid its growth.ETHICS 3Explain how this organization could resolve this situation in an ethical manner. Please use theNASW Code of Ethics to support this resolution.The best way for the organization to change this unethical issue is through practicing the virtue of integrity. According to NASW, integrity is a significant value that should be consistently practiced in an organization (NASW, 2021). The organization management should act following the organization's mission and values consistent with ethical principles and standards. Integrity calls for all employees working in the company to act honestly and responsibly to their affiliated company. Additionally, this situation can be resolved through practicing the service principles that are expected of professional workers. As per the NASW, one of the most significant objectives of professionals is to assist individuals and serve them amicably (NASW, 2021). By practicing the principle of service, the organization's workers will elevate their responsibility to clients above their self-interests. Therefore, they will utilize their knowledge, skills, and values to assist their clients. This practice portrays an ethical perspective of altruism because the employees will be showing concern for their clients by providing them truthful information about the company's financial state (Johnson, 2019).In contrast, what would an unethical resolution look like? Please also discuss how this does not support the NASW Code of Ethics.The unethical resolution, in this case, will be for the management to manage the case internally without disclosing to clients the company's actual state in a bid to recover and maintaina positive image of the company. However, this doesn't seem right because, as per Kant's imperative, the management should do what is right despite the consequences (Johnson, 2019). Moreover, according to NASW, professionals must show responsibility to resolve a situation in away that aligns with the principles, values, and standards of the code of ethics (NASW, 2021).ETHICS 4What are the potential consequences for this organization if the leadership chooses the unethical pathway to resolve this and other situations that are similar?Several consequences can arise if the organization's top management decides to solve the issue internally without involving other stakeholders. For instance, when the truth about the company's actual value is revealed by a whistleblower or an outside source (investigator), the organization may lose many clients. Furthermore, legal lawsuits can be filed against the organization for providing misleading information that clients used to decide to join the firm.ETHICS 5ReferencesJohnson, C. E. (2019). Ethical Competencies and Perspectives. Organizational Ethics: A Practical Approach (4th ed. pp. 2-32). Sage.NASW. (2021). National Association of Social Workers (NASW). NASW - National Association of Social Workers.

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IWU SWK 665 - 6.2 Discussion Ethics

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