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13SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE 1.4 Assignment: Myers Briggs 3SU2021 Ldrshp, Admin, & Supervision (SWK-665-01EE) – 3SU2021 SWK-662-01EE [email protected] Myers BriggsFrom the test results, my identified personality traits include being extroverted, agreeable,organized, traditional, and statistically prone to stress and mental illness. From the information provided in terms of the percentiles, I agree with the results. For instance, I have scored a whopping 93% on agreeableness, and this is a true reflection of my personality traits since my friends, family members, and even some strangers I have interacted with have always claimed that I am kind, warm, sympathetic, considerate, and cooperative (Lake et al., 2019). Such a personality easily comes with being extroverted and this is a vivid description of my personality, just like I scored 74% on this aspect of big five personality traits. Likewise, just as I have scored 89% on conscientiousness, I am normally diligent, hardworking, and reliable. Moreover, my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is ESTP. This MBTI type depicts that I am an entrepreneur, a persuader who is action-oriented, outgoing, and dramatic. As such, itindicates that I enjoy spending my time with a large circle of acquaintances (Lake et al., 2019). Just like with the big five personality trait, which results showed that I am an extrovert, I agree with these test results as a true reflection of my personality. Like a true ESTP type, I enjoy spending time with friends and normally like to have my focus being on details as opposed to a broader view of facts.As a result, as it concerns a leadership role, this information will be helpful in ensuring that I become a graceful leader. As an extrovert, I will be able to interact freely with the employees and motivate them to work out of passion and not out of fear of the leader. Similarly, as an ESTP type, I will be a persuasive, influential, and action-oriented leader (Lake et al., 2019).This means that I will be able to use my personality to persuade and influence the members of my team to coordinate effort towards the achievement of organizational goals.3ReferencesLake, C. J., Carlson, J., Rose, A., & Chlevin-Thiele, C. (2019). Trust in name brand assessments:The case of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 22(2), 91–107.

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IWU SWK 665 - 1.4 Assignment: Myers Briggs

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