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1 3SU2021 Ldrshp Admin Supervision SWK 665 01EE 3SU2021 SWK 662 01EE 7 2 Discussion Supervision 3SU2021 Ldrshp Admin Supervision SWK 665 01EE 3SU2021 SWK 662 01EE timothyogoma academiaedu gmail com 2 7 2 Discussion Supervision Identify and explain one key insight you gained from the reading from Power and Supervision in the Organizational Setting One critical insight I gained from reading the article Power and Supervision in the Organizational Setting is the essential supervisor s role of performance evaluation According to the article a supervisor is tasked with evaluating the extent to which organization employees achieve job requirements Furman et al 2021 The primary purpose of engaging in performance evaluations is to assist the management in making effective human resource decisions To allow accurate decisions to be made by the administration the supervisors must ensure that performance evaluations are based on clearly stated criteria that are realistic and achievable In other words the performance objectives must be realistic and measurable Fair performance evaluations are critical to devise corrective action plans The book states that these corrective actions should incorporate further employee training to build the skills required to complete a specified task Furman et al 2021 It is also essential that performance evaluations are aligned with the job expectations Evaluating performance provides input that assists in making important decisions like employee promotion transfers or termination of contracts 3 Additionally performance evaluation is vital in knowing which workers deserve pay increases and other rewards to motivate them Briefly describe the process for performance evaluations at your place of employment past employment or a practicum experience In the organization I work for the performance evaluations process follows six basic steps job analysis establishment of performance standards communicating standards determining actual performance matching the actual performance with the expected performance and decision making First job analysis ensures that the supervisor and the supervisees agree on clear roles and job expectations The second step the organization focuses on perfomance evaluations is to establish standards used for comparing employee job performance These standards are clear understandable and measurable The next step in the performance evaluations process is to communicate standards to organize workers to assist them in understanding their roles and know what is expected of them The fourth step is that the management determines employees actual performance to ensure that work is done in the desired manner At this point supervisors monitor and help employees to do what is required in the organization The next stage involves matching the actual performance and the expected performance It involves further analysis of employee s performance data The last process is making decisions based on employee performance The decisions that are made may incorporate promotions transfers or demotions 4 What values and priorities did the performance evaluation represent Why How did it connect to the mission of the organization the client or organizational outcomes or goals of your job The primary value that the performance evaluation represents is satisfactory client service St Vincent de Paul s organization s main objective is to ensure the quality of life is improved physically and spiritually Therefore employees of this organization are the ones expected to ensure the goal is achieved Consequently it is vital to have professional employees that are capable of managing the task efficiently Employees are expected to deliver services to all potential clients that are aligned with the organization s objectives Their duties were to ensure as many low income families in the locality are assisted and raised to another level What were you expected to contribute to the process What were you required to do in order to prepare for the appraisal What input or feedback did you provide My significant contribution to the process of preparing performance evaluations was clarifying needs and expectations to employees This is to ensure that there was a clear understanding of performance expectations I monitored employees work and offered clarification on areas that were being performed poorly By doing all these I noticed positive changes in employees over time since they were performing outstandingly Therefore the feedback I gave to the management was that employees were on course and focused on achieving the organization s goals 5 Did you find the feedback useful How could this process have been more beneficial to you Yes it was essential to ensure that employees efforts are put to valuable use Knowing that their performances were improving with time suggested that our objective was in reach Working with this group of employees helped me understand that all workers are useful if directed correctly Therefore I gained valuable experience moving forward as I continue to grow in the profession References Furman R Gibelman M Winnett R 2021 Power and supervision with the organizational setting Navigating Human Service Organizations 4th ed pp 79 108 Oxford St 6 Vincent de Paul Emergency aid for neighbors in need n d Retrieved July 22 2021 from https www svdpcincinnati org

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IWU SWK 665 - 7.2 Discussion: Supervision

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