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UPPER EXTREMITIES:BLOOD VESSELS AND NERVESARTERIES(22.11)- away from the heartsubclavian- under the clavicle and goes into the axillary axillary- armpit posterior & anterior humeral circumflex- posterior wraps around humerus from the back and anterior wraps around the humerus from the front brachial- goes down the length of the humerus (anterior) deep brachial- goes down the back of the humerus and is smaller (posterior)radial- lateral branch of the brachial artery ulnar- medial branch of the brachial artery deep & superficial palmar arches- come together to from arches in the palm; sent branches to the fingersanastomosis- artery to artery, vein to vein or artery to vein VEINS(22.22)- to the heartDeep Veins- match up with arteries deep palmar arch- gives to the ulnar and radial vein ulnar- cross over with the radial vein at elbow to becomes brachialradialbrachial- goes up to armpit and becomes axillary axillarysubclavianSuperficial Veins- have no corresponding artery superficial palmar (or dorsal) arch-cephalic vein- lateral side of the palmar arch; joins into the axillary vein where it becomes subclavianbasilic vein- medial side of the palmar arch; joins into the brachial where it becomes axillary NERVESbrachial plexus (14.10)- place for re-routing axons (first 4 are big and the last one is small) identification, muscle control and skin that is carrying tactile sensations frommusculocutaneous nerve- Location: anterior in the arm and lateral in the forearm, Motor: controls the arm flexor (biceps and brachialis) Sensory: come from theskin lateral forearmmedian nerve- location: anterior arm and forearm motor:all but 2 forearm flexors andboth pronator muscles Sensory: lateral hand and fingersulnar nerve-Location: most medial in the arm and forearm motor:flexor carpi ulnaris and adductor pollicis and part of the flexor digitorum profundus Sensory:me-dial hand and fingers 4,5radial nerve(14.10c)- largest nerve of the upper extremity location:mostly posterior Motor: extensor muscles (triceps and superficial and deep extensors in the forearm) Sensory: posterior arm, forearm and handaxillary nerve- Location: around the shoulder joint Motor: deltoid and trees minor Sensory: skin of shoulder

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