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MTC BIO 210 - Integumentary System

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Review of the Integumentary System – note that this list is not all inclusiveplease review your notes and read the textbook – this is your responsibility1. List and describe the epidermal strata.2. What are the functions of the skin? Be specific3. Describe the features of the integumentary system. Does it only include the skin? If not, what are some other organs of the integumentary system?4. Name and describe the cells found within the strata of the spidermis?5. What is the Rule of Nines? How is it different in an infant or very young child?6. How does the epidermis receive nutrients? How does it get rid of waste?7. What are Langer Lines? What are some other names for these lines?8. Why is the hypodermis so important to the skin?9. What is the basement membrane? What physiological function does it serve?10. describe in detail the layers of the dermis.11. What is the vernix caseosa?12. List and describe the different types of hair that have throughout our lifetimes.13. Samantha likes to go to tanning salons – what should she worry about? Why?14. Describe and contrast the 3 different types of cancer lesions associated with the integumentary system.15. Bob just suffered a 3rd degree burn, but he is unable to feel anything and refuses to go to the doctor. Why does he not able to feel anything and why should he seek medical attention?16. List and describe all of the features of the nails.17. List and describe the two different types of exocrine glands that are associated with the skin.18. What are apocrine glands?19. What distinguishes an exocrine gland from an endocrine gland?20. Where does cerumen come from? What is the physiological function of cerumen?21. What is the difference between alopecia and frank baldness?22. What are pheromones?23. Describe in detail the microscopic anatomy of a hair follicle.24. What types of nerves are associated with the dermal layer?25. What is the difference between a free nerve ending and an encapsulated nerve ending?26. Define the structure of hair.27. What is the physiological function of keratin? Do we need it to survive?28. What is the difference between soft and hard keratin?30. What are fingerprints? How do we acquire them? Are they unique from one person to the next?31. What causes variations in epidermal skin color?32. Describe some common skin markings.33. Mary Beth has a lovely bronzed skin tone and never seems to be affected by effects of UV light from the sun. What condition might she have and why?35. John the farmer passes out in his field of corn one day. His wife discovers him and notices that his skin color has a blue hue – what might this be indicative of and why?36. What are friction ridges?37. What is the function of melanocytes?38. Leslie was born premature and had to undergo treatment several times a day under UV light because her skin and the whites of her eyes had a yellow color. What might she be suffering from and why? Why does the UV light treatmenthelp?39. Peter goes in for surgery on his abdomen. He recovers nicely and is sent home after 3 days in the hospital; however, he rushes back into the ER after the wound opens up. The ER physician treating him notices that he has severe scarring where the incisions were made. Why?40. What is the arrector pili

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