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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Lectures 15 through 18 from presidents Kennedy through Reagan (mid 1950s-1980s)

Study Guide
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HIST 1312 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 15 18 Lecture 15 November 4 Summarize Kennedy s foreign policy and what he did to try and support it Kennedy was very idealistic in his policies He used the best and the brightest in his cabinet including Robin McNamara as Secretary of Defense and Dean Rusk as Secretary of State His policy was called The New Frontier A famous quote from his inauguration was Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country What was the Bay of Pigs and how did it affect Kennedy The Bay of Pigs was the CIA s plan to bring Cuban exiles out of Cuba at Bay of Pigs Fidel was tipped off about the rescue and it turned into a disaster The Cuban exiles asked for air support from Kennedy when the first rescue began to fail but he said no Fidel killed or captured the men on the beaches looking for support People blamed Kennedy for this disaster and he took full responsibility in his response to their anger This made his population go up because people realized he was able to take responsibility for his actions Summarize the Cuban Missile Crisis Occurred Oct 1962 Khrushchev wanted to change the balance of power away from the US so he planted missiles in Cuba This didn t really change balance of power because of the amount of the US arms but Americans still wanted the missiles removed A naval blockade was placed around Cuba by the US demanding the missiles be taken out Khrushchev refused and continued to build missiles from the inside though none were being brought in from the Soviets Bobby Kennedy delivered the message that they wanted the missiles taken out within 2 days or they were done meaning the US would blow them up with nuclear bombs Khrushchev almost immediately announced that the missiles would be taken out after this threat This is the most serious threat of a nuclear war during the Cold War When it ends JFK s popularity soared Why does JFK s popularity drop and what is the resulting affect In fall of 1963 Kennedy s popularity began to fall due of his support of civil rights He began to lose a lot of southern voters For this reason he goes to Dallas TX on his campaign tour to try and win back voters During this time Nov 22 1963 was when he was assassinated An important note during his assassination is the comparison of the Kennedys to Camelot Jackie Kennedy makes In reality this is an ironic comparison because of all of the scandal that went in during Camelot What were some important Civil Right movements occurring during the 1960s Martin Luther King Jr I Had A Dream speech in 1963 The integration of the University of Mississippi in 1962 James Meredith was the 1st black student and in 1963 the integration of the University of Alabama The Freedom Riders did a lot of work by riding the Greyhound buses through state borders even though they were segregated What was the purpose of the Peace Corps Kennedy makes the Peace Corps a government organization for young college graduates to join to help underdeveloped countries oversees Kennedy was trying to get away from the idea that all the US does through the military are attacks against other countries He wanted to be more constructive Sgt Shriver Kennedy s brother in law led this initiative Who were some important people from the 1960s and what did they do J Edgar Hoover the leader of the FBI Allen Dulles CIA director Martin Luther King Jr Peaceful nonviolent protests for Civil Rights based on Jesus and Gandhi He was assassinated in Memphis TN on April 4th Summarize the happenings in Vietnam and America s workings in it The South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem was losing control of his nation and the Viet Cong the South Vietnamese Communist rebels who controlled a large portion of both the land and the people had brought Diem s troops to a standstill While U S military advisers argued that the use of American troops was necessary to turn the tide Kennedy was more cautious Protesting Diem s rule on June 10 1963 a Buddhist monk set himself on fire and other selfimmolations followed Diem and his inner circle had become liabilities to the U S and the Kennedy administration secretly informed several Vietnamese generals that it would approve a change in government the Vietnam army killed Diem on Nov 1 1963 Lecture 16 November 11 Who does Lyndon B Johnson run against in the 1964 election Remember that LBJ took over when Kennedy was assassinated so he was already president at the time This election though is the first where he would be elected for the presidency position LBJ ran against Barry Goldwater representing far right Republican politics for president He was supported by Ronald Reagan who was just making his start in politics What policies were included in LBJ s Great Society and why did it slow down Policies The Civil Rights Act ending segregation in 1964 The Voting Rights Act of 1965 which ensured voting rights for everyone including African Americans The Fair Housing Act which ensured access to home mortgages home loans and fairness in renting Medicare and Medicaid health insurance for the elderly and the poor Numerous programs to help the poor Student loans Vietnam began to take resources and money from the fight against poverty when it escaladed in 1968 to 550 thousand troops What happened in Watts California What started as a simple arrest in Watts black suburb of Los Angeles soon mushroomed into a major riot as a crowd of onlookers gathered and scuffling began When firemen and police arrived from LA to restore order and put out the flames they had to dodge black snipers bullets and Molotov cocktails The Watts riot shattered the complacency of many northern whites who had supported civil rights in the South while ignoring the plight of the inner cities and it demonstrated a gap between the attitudes of northern blacks and many civil rights leaders With the rise of Black Power what groups grew and what grew with it Groups People Stokely Carmichael Malcolm X by any means necessary the Black Panthers They rejected the nonviolent policies of MLK Jr more radical in their approach They were extremely violent leading to riots like in Detroit 1967 The local police were called to stop the riots but they were beaten back They then called the National Guard but they were beaten back also Finally they called in 101st airborne to restore order What were some changes made in the youth culture during the 1960s Dress suits and ties and dresses to shorts t shirts and blue jeans Music

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