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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Lectures 15 through 18 from presidents Kennedy through Reagan (mid 1950s-1980s)

Study Guide
University of Texas at Arlington

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HIST 1312 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 15 18 Lecture 15 November 4 Summarize Kennedy s foreign policy and what he did to try and support it Kennedy was very idealistic in his policies He used the best and the brightest in his cabinet including Robin McNamara as Secretary of Defense and Dean Rusk as Secretary of State His policy was called The New Frontier A famous quote from his inauguration was Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country What was the Bay of Pigs and how did it affect Kennedy The Bay of Pigs was the CIA s plan to bring Cuban exiles out of Cuba at Bay of Pigs Fidel was tipped off about the rescue and it turned into a disaster The Cuban exiles asked for air support from Kennedy when the first rescue began to fail but he said no Fidel killed or captured the men on the beaches looking for support People blamed Kennedy for this disaster and he took full responsibility in his response to their anger This made his population go up because people realized he was able to take responsibility for his actions Summarize the Cuban Missile Crisis Occurred Oct 1962 Khrushchev wanted to change the balance of power away from the US so he planted missiles in Cuba This didn t really change balance of power because of the amount of the US arms but Americans still wanted the missiles removed A naval blockade was placed around Cuba by the US demanding the missiles be taken out Khrushchev refused and continued to build missiles from the inside though none were being brought in from the Soviets Bobby Kennedy delivered the message that they wanted the missiles taken out within 2 days or they were done meaning the US would blow them up with nuclear bombs Khrushchev almost immediately announced that the missiles would be taken out after this threat This is the most serious threat of a nuclear war during the Cold War When it ends JFK s popularity soared Why does JFK s popularity drop and what is the resulting affect In fall of 1963

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