Nixon and Carter

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Nixon and Carter

This lecture covers the presidencies of Nixon and Carter.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 30 Outline of Last Lecture I. Opposition to the war II. 1968 Presidential Election III. Nixon Escalates the war IV. End of Vietnam War V. Nixon at home VI. Nixon goes down Outline of Current Lecture I. The stagnate of 1970s II. The stagnation continues III. The Iranian Hostage Crisis IV. The crisis continues V. The Reagan Era VI. The Reagan years VII. Reagan Rights and Drugs Current Lecture  The stagnate 1970s o Our first unelected president (he was not elected vice president or president as he was appointed vice president)  Ford pardons Nixon  There hadn’t been any charges drawn up against Nixon but Ford grants a huge pardon to Ford and this move became very controversial  The reason why this was a good move was because the country was at stagnate and if we see a former president get prosecuted in court and possibly go to jail, it would destroy the country  Draft evaders and military deserters  Grants the people who avoided getting drafted and deserted in Vietnam amnesty to help rebuild the nation  His presidency was mainly repairing a broken nation o Inflation 12% and unemployment 9%  The stagnation continues o Election of 1976 (Ford vs. Carter)  Jimmy Carter (Democrat)

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