CSU JTC 300 - Getting a Job (7 pages)

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Getting a Job

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Getting a Job


Lecture 3 Note: An explanation of formatting your cover letter and resume when applying for a job.

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Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Jtc 300 - Professional and Technical Communication (CT-CO3)

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Chem 111 1nd Edition Lecture 2 September rd 3 Outline of Last Lecture I Literary vs News Writing II Technical Writing a Technical Writing vs Academic Writing III Starting Your Paper a Workplace Writing Warnings Outline of Current Lecture II Cover Letter formats III Resume formats Current Lecture Successful Application Letters Resumes Determine manner of employee selection Customize your information Goal get an interview Standout among applicants Cover letter introduce and highlight key concepts capture attention A place for things that don t fit on your resume Don t give too mych Save some information for the interview Resume cold hard facts The Cover Letter Your cover letter expresses o Your interest in the job o Your qualifications for the job Must be tailored to position and company These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Must explain how you o Fit the company do your research o Will help and be beneficial to them Sells you to the prospective employer Prewriting Learn about the company and job o General job information o Desired quallifications and skills o Key values and words used by the company Find company information o Mission statement vision goals o Annual Statement o Google the company look for their website news releases news and magazine articles Components of a Cover Letter Header make sure you address the letter to a specific person if possible preferably the interviewer Your name address Date Name of Contact person address Dear Ms Mr Dr etc o Call and ask if needed First Paragraph Get reader s attention Introduce yourself Explain the purpose of the letter Second and Third Paragraph s Highlight skills and benefits to the company Provide concrete evidence o Use information from resume o Include specific creditable examples of qualifications for the position o Use keywords Begin paragraphs with topic sentences Practice concise writing

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