CSU JTC 300 - Literary Writing vs. News Writing (4 pages)

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Literary Writing vs. News Writing

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Literary Writing vs. News Writing


Different types of writing, their formats, and when they are appropriate to use

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Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Jtc 300 - Professional and Technical Communication (CT-CO3)

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JTC 300 1nd Edition Lecture 1 August 27 Outline of Current Lecture I Literary vs News Writing II Technical Writing a Technical Writing vs Academic Writing III Starting Your Paper a Workplace Writing Warnings Current Lecture Literary vs News Writing Literary entertainment escape lessons o Not always direct symbolism metaphors foreshadowing varying sentences longer paragraphs News inform highlight expose o Direct factual timely short sentences and paragraphs Technical Writing Educate inform or persuade audiences People read out of necessity At work no one wants to ready anything you write Most times they will not read ALL of what you write o Practice condensing your writing Technical VS Academic Writing Technical Job goals achieved variety of audiences readers have different perspectives readers search for key points ex headers are helpful indefinite time span may last forever legal liability attached These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Academic Grade earned limited audience single perspective various levels of reading and critiquing semester time span little liability Technical Writing Cont Strong applications resumes cover letters jobs Stats Writing remediations costs American businesses as much as 3 1 billion annually 50 of private employers and 60 of state gov t employers say writing skills influence promotion decisions Most employees are expected to write and frequently almost always produce Technical Reports Formal Reports Memos Correspondence PowerPoint Presentations Things to think about when starting your paper Audiences First thing to identify Who am I writing for Who is my audience Content experts Technicians Decision makers need a strong argument and to show you have done your research Lay reader various people from different backgrounds translating message to a different audience provide background information and definitions Communication

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