GSU ANTH 1102 - Emergence of Race (2 pages)

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Emergence of Race

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Emergence of Race


Lecture Five

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Georgia State University
Anth 1102 - Intro to Anthropology

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ANTH 1102 Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture I RACE A Four Fields Perspectives a Archeology b Cultural Anthropology c Biological Anthropology d Linguistic II RACE Text a Arguments of the book III Race Symbols a Symbols of Race b How is race different from being ethnocentric Outline of Current Lecture I Emergence of Race a Racialization b History c Bacon s Rebellion d Reason for Race II Science of Race a Linnaeus b Eugenics c Franz Boaz Current Lecture These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute I II Emergence of Race a Racialization the act of attributing race based identities to a relationship social practice or group that was not previously understood in racial terms b Before race people were categorized by religion and class c Indentured servants served the Europeans and the new Americans and it was consisted of Africans and poor Europeans d In the colonies tobacco became the way of life for the wealthy Europeans Tobacco was very labor intensive and the plantation owners needed cheap labor e Bacon s Rebellion 1676 a class based uprising that essentially sparked the idea of race f Europeans used race as a solution to class based uprising by separating poor white workers from the black Divide Conquer g Indentured blacks became simply slaves and they were brought to the colonies through captivity i They were separated from any other captures that spoke the same language h Race was brought on by economics i Invading the colonies and taking native American land and slavery started off with economic ideals but turned to race based motives Science of Race a 17th 19th century Scientists began looking into race i Were all races fully human ii Were all human races equal b Scientists often used the Bible as a source of evidence c Linnaeus scientist that came up with the first classification of plants animals and humans i He associated races with particular character

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