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WORD PARTS OF THE FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMHLTH 354: CHAPTER 13 THE FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM WORD PARTS OF THE FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM WORD ROOT EXAMPLE NOTES GYNECOLOGY, EXTERNAL vagina colp/o, vagin/o colposcope, vaginitis The word vagina comes from Latin and means the "sheath" or "scabbard of a sword." vulva episi/o, vulv/o episiotomy, vulvodynia Vulva is the term for the external genital organs of a female. perineum perine/o perineoplasty, perineorrhaphy Perineum is the term for the region between the genital organs and the anus. woman gynec/o, gyn/o gynecology, gynecologist This root comes from Greek, for woman. breast mast/o, mamm/o mastopexy, mastectomy, mammogram The name of the mastodon, a long-extinct type of elephant similar to a mammoth, actually breaks down as mast (breast) and odon (tooth). milk lact/o lactation, lactorrhea The root for milk, lacto, is also the root for the English word galaxy. GYNECOLOGY, INTERNAL cervix cervic/o cervicodynia, cervicitis Cervix means "neck" and refers not to the neck connecting your head to your body but to the opening between the uterus and the vagina. uterus hyster/o, metr/o, uter/o hysterectomy, endometrium, uterus Break down the word hysteria as a medical term. It means "a uterus condition," (hyster + ia) pelvis pelv/i pelvimetry, pelvic sonography Pelvis comes from a Latin word meaning "basin" or "washtub" and refers to the shape of the bones that make up the pelvis. ovary oophor/o, ovari/o oophorectomy, ovariocentesis Oophoro can be broken down into two words: oo, meaning "egg," and phor, meaning "to carry." Thus, oophor literally means "the thing that carries the eggs." menstruation men/o menorrhea, menopause Meno comes from Greek, for "month," and refers to the standard 28-day recurrence of menstrual cycles fallopian tube salping/o salpingectomy, salpingoscope Salpingo comes from the Latin word for "trumpet." OBSTETRICS amnion amni/o amniocentesis The amnion is the innermost membrane covering the fetus. pregnancy -cyesis pseudocyesis Although women experience pregnancy firsthand, there is a documented medical condition called Couvade syndrome, or sympathetic pregnancy. chorion chori/o, chorion/o choriocarcinoma, chorionitis The chorion is the outer membrane covering the fetus. It connects the fetus to the wall of the uterus. labor toc/o dystocia, tocograph In the United States, there are more boy babies born than girl babies. fetus fet/o fetometry Fetus is a Latin word that means "offspring." The Greek word is embryo. birth part/o, nat/o postpartum, neonatal Both roots mean "birth," but their focus is different. Parto means more accurately "to give birth" and focuses on the mother. Nato means more literally "to be born" and focuses on the baby.SUBJECTIVE Patient History, Problems, Complaints GYNECOLOGY Term Definition Word Analysis amenorrhea AY-men-oh-REE-a no menstruation a / meno / rrhea no/ menstruation/ discharge colpostenosis KOL-poh-steh-NOH-sis narrowing in the vaginal opening colpo / sten / osis vagina / narrow / condition dysmenorrhea DIS-men-oh-REE-ah painful menstruation dys / meno / rrhea bad / menstruation / discharge dyspareunia dis-pah-ROO-nee-ah painful sexual intercourse dys / par / eun / ia bad / alongside / couch / condition gynecomastia GAI-neh-koh-MAS-tee-a development of breast tissue in males gyneco / mast / ia woman / breast / condition hysteralgia HIS-ter-AL-jah pain in the uterus hyster / algia uterus / pain hysterodynia HIS-ter-oh-DIH-nee-ah pain in the uterus hystero / dynia uterus / pain leukorrhea LOO-koh-REE-ah white vaginal discharge leuko / rrhea white / discharge mastalgia mas-TAL-jah breast pain mast / algia breast / pain mastoptosis MAS-top-TOH-sis downward displacement (drooping) of the breast masto / ptosis breast / drooping condition menorrhagia MEN-oh-RAY-jah excessive menstrual flow meno /rrhagia menstruation /excessive discharge menorrhalgia MEN-oh-RAL-jah painful menstruation meno /rrh / algia uterus / discharge/ pain metromenorrhagia MEH-troh-MEN-oh-RAY-jah excessive menstrual bleeding at irregular intervals metro / meno / rrhagia uterus / menstruation / excessive discharge metrorrhagia MEH-troh-RAY-jah menstrual bleeding at irregular times metro / rrhagia uterus / excessive discharge oligomenorrhea AW-lih-goh-MEN-oh-REE-ah infrequent or light menstrual periods oligo / meno / rrhea few / menstruation / discharge ovaralgia OH-var-AL-jah pain of the ovaries ovar / algia ovary / pain ovarialgia oh-VAR-ee-AL-jah pain of the ovaries ovari / algia ovary / pain perineocele PER-ih-NEE-oh-seel hernia in the perineal region perineo /cele perineum/pouch-tumor-hernia polymenorrhea PAW-lee-MEN-oh-REE-ah menstrual periods occurring with greater-than-normal frequency poly / meno / rrhea many / menstruation / discharge vaginodynia VAJ-ih-noh-DIH-nee-ah vaginal pain vagino / dynia vagina / pain vulvodynia VUL-voh-DIH-nee-ah pain in the vulva vulvo / dynia vulva / pain OBSTETRICS Term Definition Word Analysis amniorrhea AM-nee-oh-REE-ah discharge of amniotic fluid amnio / rrhea amnion / discharge amniorrhexis AM-nee-oh-REK-sis rupture of the amniotic sac amnio / rrhexis: amnion / rupture Braxton Hicks contraction BRAKS-ton HIKS con-TRAK-shun sporadic contractions of the uterine muscles of women not in labor; also known as false labor named after John Braxton Hicks, doctor who first noted them, 1872 contraction con-TRAK-shun shortening or tightening of a muscle; during labor, the uterine muscles contract from Latin, for "to draw together" or "shorten"OBJECTIVE Observation and Discovery GYNECOLOGY Term Definition Word Analysis amastia ay-MAS-tee-ah absence of breast a / mast / ia no / breast / condition cervical dysplasia SER-vih-kal dis-PLAY-zhah bad formation of cervical cells cervic / al dys / plasia cervix/ pertaining to bad / formation colpoptosis KOL-pawp-TOH-sis downward displacement of the vagina colpo / ptosis vagina / droop condition episiostenosis eh-PEE-zee-oh-stih-NOH-sis narrowing of the vulvar opening episio / sten / osis vulva/ narrow / condition hematosalpinx heh-MAT-oh-SAL-pinks blockage in a fallopian tube caused by blood hemato / salpinx blood / fallopian tube hydrosalpinx HAI-droh-SAL-pinks blockage in a fallopian tube caused by water (or any clear fluid) hydro / salpinx

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