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Explain the effects a learning organization may have on employees in today’s organization. What are the HRM implications of this effect?The process of building a learning organization unleashes individual creativity, and fosters collective learning, which is crucial for encouraging, and developing innovation and rapid responsiveness to global competition. A learning organization is continually getting smarter, because learning is planned, systematic and in alignment with the organization's strategic goals. In order to get smarter, the organization needs to capture its organizational knowledge and continue to learn and build from it. The idea that human resources can become a source of competitive advantage for the organization is not new. Organizational resources lead to a sustained competitive advantage when they are valuable, rare, inimitable and have no substitute. A strategic human resource management systemmust allow the adaptation of human resource management practices and the knowledge and behavior of the employees as regards the immediate needs of the organization, which are shown in its organizational strategy. human resource management system must promote the development of a dynamic organizational capability that generates agile responses to the needs of current organizational strategy. Human resource management must explore how the integration and complementarities of resources, practices and organizational capacities facilitate the achievement of the competitive advantage for the organization.Response 2The effect of a learningorganization on today'sorganization canhelp the company to accomplish its mission. Having employees thatare trained and knowledgeable can help the company to increase and expand its business operations. If there was not a learning organization companies would not be able to improve products, increase productivity and be successful. HRM implications of this effect is to recruit potential employees who have a goodwork ethic, train these employees once they are hired, manage employee and administration relationships, and to oversee all policy and procedures. HRM also has to make every employee has knowledge of the vision, mission, and value statement. This department has to make sure when new policy and procedures are passed every one involved with the company knows what they are and how they affect their department and the

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UOPX HRM 300T - Learning Organization

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