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Assume you are the human resources HR manager at ABC Publishing The company has recently received several complaints of sexual harassment The HR department has decided to create a sexual harassment policy What should the policy include How should the policy be implemented and enforced Being a human resource manger for ABC Publishing Company and after recieving several complaints i decided to create a sexual harassment policy that states under no cirrumstances will sexual harassment be tolerated by any employee in this company and that the rules and guide line will be outlined in the employee handbook and to have yearly inservices on the policies and procedures and a class to show employees how sexual harassment takes place for those who do not have a clear understanding of it such as films and role playing so that employees who are put in harassing situations themselves can have a better and clear understanding of what sexual harassment really means and to have them read and then sign off on the materials that they have read on sexual harassment And i as being a HR manager i need to make sure that i understand our state rules and policies because every state differs with the rules and make sure that they are implemented and in place correctly Response 2 A sexual harassment policy should include the definition of sexual harassment a clear explanation of prohibited behavior or conduct complaint and investigation procedures corrective action assurance of protection against retaliation description of complaint processes and confidence that the employer will protect the confidentiality of complaints It is also important to include the company s guarantee that they will take immediate action when an investigation determines that harassment as taken place Companies should have a formal well written sexual harassment policy that is posted for employees to see appears in the employee handbook and is listed on all company policy documents Train every employee so they know the company has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment and provide information to employees about the consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace

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UOPX HRM 300T - Assignment

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