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Running head: Human Resources Brochure 1Human Resources BrochureTeam B Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementHRM 300Title of Brochure:Welcome to Human Resources at Hancock Manufacturing, we are here for YOU!Human Resources Brochure 2Introducing Human Resources at HancockThe Human Resources department of Hancock Manufacturing is dedicated to supporting all aspects of the company, including staff and our customers. The Human Resources department is responsible for ensuring that Hancock Manufacturing complies with all state and federal laws regarding production and employment. We want you to know that you can depend on us, and that we are here for YOU! We have departments dedicated in the areas of recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining Hancock Manufacturing staff. In addition, compensation, benefits, performance management, and evaluation are also handled within the HR department. HR understands the demands of life can be overwhelming at times to say the least. Therefore, we have extensive programs in place to assist with work lifebalance; including the employee assistance program (EAP). The Human Resources department is always seeking ways to improve and be of greater service to the men and women that make upthe Hancock Manufacturing team. This is why our slogan is “ We are here for YOU”!A Look at Technology ,Ethics, Diversity and Globalization at HancockTechnologyHuman Resources Brochure 3Information technology has drastically changed how employees communicate within and outside of the organization. Hancock Manufacturing strives on being the most innovative company of the century offering information technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is why Hancock’s technology is far ahead of the competition. If the main idea is to be professionally involved in a company that thrives on working with the most proficient use of technology, Hancock Manufacturing offers the best. The core for Hancock Manufacturing technology is networked computer systems, wireless capabilities, and knowledge management systems.- Networked Communication is the ability for employees to be accessible from anywhere. “These include email, instant messaging, voice mail, fax, electronic data interchange, intranets and extranets, and the talking internet” (Decenzo, 2007, pg. 110).- Wireless Capabilities allow employees to communicate from anywhere and with other organizations with the use of smart phones, notebook computers, and other pocket communication devices. These types of communication support the collaboration and information sharing of Hancock Manufacturing. - Knowledge Management Systems are complaint procedures designed for employees to voice opinions and grievances about actions taking place in the company. All complaintsare investigated and decisions are made regarding the legitimacy of the accusation.Human Resources Brochure 4EthicsEthic is a set of rules that define what is right and wrong conduct. Here at Hancock Manufacturing employees have an expectation to perform in ways that are conducive to the workenvironment. This company is interested in highly motivated, dedicated, strong moral sensed individuals to gain employments. Acts that are deemed unethical by Hancock Manufacturing are:- Falsifying information- Stealing from others and the organization- Cheating- Repeated late arrival to workCodes of ethics have been established within the organization. Code of ethics is defined “A formal document that states an organization’s primary values and the ethical rules it expects organizational members to follow” (Decenzo, 2007, pg. 22). Much pride is taken at Hancock Manufacturing, and much is expected from our employees.Human Resources Brochure 5DiversityHere at Hancock Manufacturing our business has thrived from accessing talent from many different places. Diversity has been a driving force of our company and has helped us to succeed in the field of manufacturing. The need for diversity in the workplace is evident in the pending changes of those available to the workforce. The workforce is changing and will continue to change as the population changes. America’s dramatic population change includes the fact that ethnic populations will grow seven times faster than the white population, English isnot the primary language of many workers as Spanish, and Asian languages are growing in dominance (Films on Demand, 1994). Hancock understands that there is value in diversity, as diversity brings value and creativity to the marketplace (Films on Demand, 1994). Hancock is committed to a diverse workplace and values the different contributions made to the workplace through a diverse employment pool. Here at Hancock Manufacturing we employee individuals from 24 different companies, 60% of our management team are comprised of women and minorities, and we actively recruit at Historically Black Universities and Colleges (Johnson, Vance, Ferguson, & Clark, 2011). Minorities have become the majority in the workplace and organizations must attract and retain minorities through principled managed strategies (Films on Demand, 1994) with one those strategies being globalization.GlobalizationHuman Resources Brochure 6Globalization refers to the reduction of international barriers through a joining of the world’s resources such as people and economies. Globalization is a driving force of any successful enterprise as it reaches into different places and to different people with vast skills andtalents. Hancock attributes its success to the efforts they have made through diversifying their workplace and this was achieved through globalization. Globalization does not come without its share of issues. As learned from other global leaders, like Wal-mart, globalization involves getting the local government to co-sign on its existence in that country, translating the needs of the people into a product they can supply, and training local employees for future management opportunities (Films on Demand, 2004). Acknowledging these and other issues will allow Hancock to embrace the countries they have expanded to and show a genuine appreciation for those individuals from those areas that have joined their workforce. This type of appreciation is a form of motivation and inspires company loyalty and dedication to the achievement of work goals. This type of motivation coupled with technology advances allow the employees of Hancock Manufacturing to

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