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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


The Exam 3 Study guide includes all lecture notes from Lecture 24-36 as well as interpretive questions to assist in your studying. I also listed the required reading at the end of the Guide.

Study Guide
University of Alabama
Phl 223 - Medical Ethics

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PHL 223 Rachels Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 24 36 Lecture 24 November 3 When did Adult to adult liver transplants begin What is Drindee s case in a nutshell What are the statistics on liver donors What does Professor Rachels have to do with Drindee s case Drindees Doctor Thomas Heffron advised her to seek living organ donors o Like a lizards tail livers never grow back Adult to adult liver transplants began in 1997 In 2002 1 in 12 transplants were from living donors Who donates their liver 75 blood relative 13 friend 11 spouse 1 altruist stranger Drindee sent a group email in March 2002 she said that professor Rachels should call her doctor if he wanted information on the situation Professor Rachels was afraid 20 people called the surgeon They looked at one person at a time to determine if they were able to be Drindee s liver donor o Why Expense to the insurance company Lecture 25 November 5 Know the reasons why each donor was eliminated 1 Elimnated a Blood Vessel is out of place b Potential donor 2 friend 2 Eliminated a On a medication b Potential donor 3 friend 3 Eliminated a Drank too much red wine b Doctors are very cautious May 2002 4 Potential donor 4 friend a Eliminated because he suddenly changed his mind b Confidentiality in this case was broken 5 Potential donor 5 friend Professor Rachels a He got an appointment with Dr Hefron at Emory b Dr Hefron told Professor Rachels that he had a 1 chance of dying i Really its more like 1 5 1 in 500 c 15 chance of surgical complications d 100 chance of pain and scarring e The doctor tried to talk him out of it Professor Rachels could change his mind whenever he wanted to f They booted his car while he was at the hospital side note possible test question g On another day the doctors took his blood MRI and administered a psychiatric interview h Everyone he spoke to said they underestimated the pain of the surgery Lecture 26 November 7 What was the outcome of Drindee s case Who did she receive a liver from Know the course

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