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Psychiatric Diseases

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Psychiatric Diseases


In lecture 36 we talked about Involuntary Psychiatric Incarceration. We also discussed Schzophrenia

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University of Alabama
Phl 223 - Medical Ethics
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PHL 223 Lecture 36 Outline of Current Lecture Psychiatric Incarceration Schizophrenia Current Lecture Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment o In the 1970s over of the mental patients in America were released o Many people became homeless o In 1953 75 of incarcerated peoples were in mental institutions o 25 were in prisons o In 2007 3 were in mental institutions and 97 were in prisons o Where were so many people released Change in laws O Connor v Donaldson The supreme court ruled that to be involuntarily confined you must o Have an illness o Be a danger to yourself or others o Institutions must be as unrestrictive as possible New antipsychotic drugs made people better always temporarily o Schizophrenia A form of psychosis vary degrees of severity split between good and cognition 1 2 of the population has it NOT dissociative identity disorder Late 20s onset 65 billion year to treat it Symptoms Auditory hallucinations Delusions 10 suicide rate John Nash A beautiful Mind Movie These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Nobel Peace Prize winner

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