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Animal Research

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Animal Research


In lecture 32 we discussed moral and ethical reasons against Animal Testing and the production of meat through factory farms and other inhumane outputs as well as the reasons why these things happen. Dr. Rachels also discussed a personal story with us in his dealings with a head government official at the White House

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Phl 223 - Medical Ethics
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PHL 223 Lecture 32 Outline of Current Lecture Animal Research White House Story Current Lecture 2 Issues 1 Overuse of antibiotics increases antibacterial diseases 2 Confined housing leads to the spread of disease swine and bird flu Reason for animal suffering o cheap and tasty food side note 1 environmental problem is manure The reason meat is so cheap is because the meat industries aren t paying their own bills Taste comes from factories in NJ No longer a natural process Vegetarians have 12 less cancer than those who ear red meat Why does this happen You buy meat Its legal and tax supported Profitable Animals cant fight back Long history of speciesism Cant do any of this in Europe o Influence of American money in politics o Food industry donates money to political campaigns way more than animal rights activists ever could These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Story from Dr Rachels He goes to the White House with a scholarship program when he was 22 He meets Bush s Domestic Policy advisor Roger Porter He asks him a question and he embarrasses Dr Rachels by not answering him When he was going around to different groups asking questions he stops by Rachels and talks to him about his days in Oxford

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