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Human Reseach, Tuskegee Study

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Human Reseach, Tuskegee Study


In lecture 33 we moved away from animal research and began discussing Human research. We talked about the Tuskegee Study which dealt with the STD syphilis, as well as the strain of events leading up to the experiment, such as the Scottsboro Trials.

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Phl 223 - Medical Ethics
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PHL 223 Lecture 33 Outline of Current Lecture Human Reseach Tuskegee Syphilis Study Scottsboro Trials Current Lecture o Tuskegee Syphilis Study Alabama story Unethical 3 Stages of Acquired Syphilis o Primary Lasts 4 6 weeks Painless lesion called a chancre appears Highly infections period o Secondary Lasts 1 30 years Chancres subside though there are often internal ones as well Various symptoms make it hard to diagnose o Tertiary Some people stay asymptomatic Lesions can cause major damage to the cardiac and or neurological system Parialysis blindness death Tuskegee Timeline 1909 Paul Ehrlich and Alata o Invent salvarsan treatment for syphilis These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Heavy metals made into a paste and rubbed into skin It worked on rabbits 1912 Neo new salvarsan o Less toxic o Absorbable o Didn t help 1929 Boeck and Bruusgarrd question whether the salvarsan treatment is better than no treatment at all 1931 1937 1932 The Scottsboro Trials o North Alabama o 2 white girls accused 9 black guys of rape on a train o They actually just didn t pay for their train ticket o The state doctor examined both girls and declared that neither of them had had sex in the last 24 hours when they made the claim o 1 girl stepped up and said that the whole thing as made up o 1 of the boys accused wasn t even capable of having sex due to a physical disability o However all of the boys were convicted and went to jail NO EVIDENCE AGAINST THEM o All white jury 200 white Alabama males o Had to be a unanimous vote o At the time Alabama was only 20 25 African American o The supreme court requested a jury role They were given names of white jurors on the lines where they were supposed to write in the juror names and at the bottom of the role they had written in some African American names This led to the integration of juries However the role of racism in the study is unclear o At the time people believed that African Americans carried different diseases than white people o They also believed that African American males were sex animals Experiment begins o 399 men with syphilis o Experiment of nature just watching not meant to cure it o Macon County Alabama 85 black Syphilis rate 20 1970 Macon County still predominantly black and 4 10 were living in poverty o Subjects had secondary syphilis o Research by the USPHS United States Public Health was in cooperation with the Tuskegee Institute 1941 1943 Penicillin was mass produced o Due to WWII o Soldiers were contracting STDs from being overseas o Fleming discovered it accidently in 1928 1941 1945 Scientists ensure that drafted soldiers did not have access to Penicillin

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