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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


cumulative final exam

Study Guide
University of Texas at Austin
Inf 322w - Childrens Literature
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INF 322T Cumulative final Explain the influence of Media on Children Children see about 30 000 television commercials each year and almost all have access to some type of Internet 0 2 year olds shouldn t be watching TV it is linked to ADHD What does Professor Williams want us to get from class Goal is to introduce you to children s literature educate you to its appropriateness when to use which ones to remind you that children are all unique individuals How many children s books are in print today Approximately 60 000 children s books 6000 more each year books come in all types of publishing children s books are primarily bought my librarians What is a definition of Children s Literature and how does it differ from the scholarly definition The broad definition is anything that a child reads or is read to by someone elsedoesn t have to be age appropriate On the other hand the scholarly definition is that a child needs to read something that is age appropriate What do children need Needs of Children match a child with the appropriate item and our needs change as we grow developmental needs a The need for security begins at time of birth Max finds his security in the comfort of his room with a hot dinner b We all need to be loved c To belong want to be accepted d We want to achieve and be competent in what we do learning to walk talk crawl Hero Books e To Escape work hard and then you play reward yourself if you escape into literature than real life you will be more refreshed f To know Sign of intelligence the why questions g Needs to have beauty in our lives picture books provide visual beauty asthetic need romantic need What are nursery rhymes Also what are examples of these types of books Nursery rhymes tell us about history poetry something about the past and present illustrate good versus evil teach us about 16 th 17th and 18th centuries Originated from a variety of sources puppet shoes proverbs Also enjoyed by adults First books that tought children trajectory beginning middle and end o An example of the book is Mother Goose First puppet plays in London in the 17th century Passed down through generation to generation First published in print in Tommy Thumb s Pretty Song Book Used to teach morals and lessons Bruce Lansky critic who said Mother Gooses s rhymes were violent so he created The New Adventure of Mother Goose Pumpkin Eater Peter Peter Explain illustrations in Children s Literature and how they should be properly used Provide examples Illustrations should extent from the book not distract the audience the placement of illustrations is very important Ring O Roses drawing by Leslie Brook combination of color and B W pictures drawings are humorous small text the way the pigs were drawn House That Jack Built this is the rat that ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built uses panoramic view but then focuses in something specific To Market To Market about farm life in New Castle Delaware in the 19 th century detailed conlorful rhymes told page by page includes history William Wegman s Mother Goose Wegman is a photographer questions he purposes the reader Here Comes Mother Goose contemporary bright colorful simple great use of space big print The Real Mother Goose dressed in period costumes traditional looking a lot of text more than one nursery rhyme per page can be used to show children which pictures go with which rhymes How can songs be used in Children s Literature a All around us in our environment b It is important to introduce children to music for intellectual need c Infants like the human voice like toys that make noise d Toddlers respond to singing they like to clap swing and sway enjoy repetition e Pre school like songs active participation playing the musical instruments o Rhythm band instruments o Introduced to classical music How do songs help develop children of all ages Infants help promotes auditory development sound of human voice toys environment Older Infants 8month 1 year begin to appreciate pitch enjoy the sound of singing Walkers 1 2 years begin responding to singing clap sway dance 2 3 years active age like hearing familiar repetition songs over and over again 3 4 years like singing action games ex London Bridge like rhyme band instruments like listening to stories or music on tapes 4 years begin understanding nonsense language you can begin introducing them to classic music Baby Einstein 5 years interested in their home and family like songs about subjects like to act things out musical chairs duck duck goose Song Aged Children able to see similarities of songs and poetry What are examples of songs in Children s Lit 1 Hush Little Baby A Folk Lullaby 2 A Hunting We Will Go 3 Howdii Do 4 Old McDonald Had a Farm Explain ABC books and name examples Introduce letters and shapes good for children under 5 serve as identification for objects and animals good for turn taking objects animals must be clearly represented on the page ABC books should avoid using objects that are known by more than one name alligator crocodile o A Farmer s Alphabet o Animalia non traditional HUGE alliterations purple cat o ABC Bunny o Chicka Chicka Boom Boom o Alligators All Around uses difficult controversial words IIntimidating Indians o Z Was Tapped guessing type of book Explain Counting books List the three types and provide examples Objects to be counted must be clearly set out Should start with 1 10 1 First counting books 1 on 1 correspondence can easily ID 2 bugs 2 More complex groupings 10s 20s 30s 3 Stories or Puzzles have plots Ten Nine Eight counts backwards Count with Maley Moja Means One Count and See Counting Wildflowers Zin Zin Zin and Violin Mouse Count Explain Concept Books and list examples Color One of the most transferable concepts As young as 15 months can understand color Red is the first color children learn B W in color books makes it difficult Examples Freight Train Brown Bear Brown Bear Lunch Spanish video Rosie s Walk I Touch Eating Fractions The Napping House Changes Changes What is Literacy You can read and write Gordon Wells did lots of research on the subject believes they need to be experienced When is Early Childhood Birth 7 years old important to begin reading to the child by 3 months Lap reads programs where parent and child do story time Inventive writing the scribble that kids do when they pretend to write Inventive spelling ex Kri cry thay they What is important about learning to read from picture books 1 Learning how to hold a book

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