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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide



Study Guide
University of Texas at Austin
Inf 322w - Childrens Literature

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INF 322T Lecture 1 Study Guide Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 Explain the influence of Media on Children Children see about 30 000 television commercials each year and almost all have access to some type of Internet 0 2 year olds shouldn t be watching TV it is linked to ADHD What does Professor Williams want us to get from class Goal is to introduce you to children s literature educate you to its appropriateness when to use which ones to remind you that children are all unique individuals How many children s books are in print today Approximately 60 000 children s books 6000 more each year books come in all types of publishing children s books are primarily bought my librarians What is a definition of Children s Literature and how does it differ from the scholarly definition The broad definition is anything that a child reads or is read to by someone else doesn t have to be age appropriate On the other hand the scholarly definition is that a child needs to read something that is age appropriate What do children need Needs of Children match a child with the appropriate item and our needs change as we grow developmental needs a The need for security begins at time of birth Max finds his security in the comfort of his room with a hot dinner b We all need to be loved c To belong want to be accepted d We want to achieve and be competent in what we do learning to walk talk crawl Hero Books e To Escape work hard and then you play reward yourself if you escape into literature than real life you will be more refreshed f To know Sign of intelligence the why questions g Needs to have beauty in our lives picture books provide visual beauty asthetic need romantic need What are nursery rhymes Also what are examples of these types of books Nursery rhymes tell us about history poetry something about the past and present illustrate good versus evil teach us about 16 th 17th and 18th centuries Originated from a variety of sources puppet shoes proverbs Also enjoyed by adults First

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