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Controlled Vocabulary

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Controlled Vocabulary


controlled vocabulary

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Inf 322w - Childrens Literature

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INF 322T Lecture 2 Outline for Current Lecture I Criteria or Format for a Controlled Vocabulary Reader a Simple Words and Sentences b Repetition of words c Adequate space between words and between lines d Not so much text on a page that the print seems overwhelming II e Sometimes the books are divided into episodes much like chapters Frog and Toad sometimes in Picture Book or story book Sheep in a Jeep other sizes but similar intent Predictable Books a Help children develop reading skills b Readers are defined by length of number of words repeated number of words in a sentence number of syllables in a sentence to categorize a reader as a 1 2 or a 3 c Basil readers published by textbook publishers not very excited Pat was a Bat that ate the Cat in the 1950s the new genres of books were created Controlled Vocabulary Books Had good story Cat in The Hat 220 words repetition rhyme and nonsense humor 1957 Harper Column publishes series called I can read The Little Bear Stories d Danny and The Dinosaur An example of an I Can Read Book Illustrations for visual cues lots of white space e Frog and Toad Best friends lots of children s books focus on friendships Frog is made fun of because he is wearing a bathing suit Chapters f Sheep in a Jeep Shaw illustrates are engaging for kids lots of actions the sheep sweep the heat Come in multiple sheep books g Green Eggs and Ham III IV Senseless rhyme Clever story line Dr Seuss created series for controlled vocabulary readers as well as picture books h Amelia Bedelia Level 2 but between 1 3 Wins the hearts through her Lemon Mirange Caldecott Awards a Annually by American Library Association b Prestigious award for literature from 0 14 c Decided by a committee of 15 adults d Life changing award for the writer Winner is Locomotive about a family who travels from Omaha to Sacramento on a train Parts of the world they had never seen before Felt that native Americans were portrayed poorly in the book Wordless Books a Series of books that

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