UGA ADPR 3850 - Final Exam Study Guide (3 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


This covers entertainment and corporate PR, as well as a few key points from Global PR!

Study Guide
University of Georgia
Adpr 3850 - Public Relations
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ADPR 3850 1nd Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 19 21 Lecture 19 20 Corporate and Entertainment PR What is CSR when it comes to corporations in PR CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and it is the idea that a company operates in a manner that goes beyond legal requirements This is mostly seen within the non profits or philanthropy endeavors of many corporations or in their going green as a company Where does the difficulty lie within media relations Many CEOs see journalist as the enemy in PR because of anti business bias or inaccurate coverate or research while journalists claim executives make it difficult to write objectively about their particular organization Journalists make these claims because of the lack of access a corporation might give incomplete information or weak press releases Customer Service is the front line of PR Why Customer satisfaction is important for an organization because a dissatisfied customer will speak on their experience more so than a satisfied customer PR plays an important role because it is how corporations actively engage their consumers and hear respond to their concerns PR is how the customer service is facilitated What are the DOs and DON Ts of consumer activism Do work with those interested in solutions offer transparency turn suggestions into actions Don t Get emotional Work with those who make threats towards company Expect immediate results What is a boycott Is there a flipside to boycotts A refusal to buy the products and services of an offending company There is a flipside that is known as buycotts where there is an excess of buying another product in order to combat a boycott Like the example of Chic fil A While the gay community was offended by the remarks of the organization the Christian community supported it in even larger numbers than before Employer relations are crucial to PR because PR often works with human resources on employee communications True or False True What are the challenges of employer relations The morale within a company different employees are motivated by different virtues or factors Behavior with other employees Layoffs and outsourcing Describe investor relations it requires knowledge of finance and government regulations Its typically among the highest paid PR practitioners Involves communication between institutional investors individual investors shareholders prospective shareholders and the financial media Marketing communications is the process of using PR tactics to only advertise to people True or False 1 False Marketing communications is the process of using PR to support sales objectives not just advertising campaigns 1 Product publicity is a component in that product placements are use to increase publicity and awareness along with cause related marketing which involves partnerships with relevant nonprofits to promote a particular cause Define integrated marketing It is the communications process that manages all sources of information about a product or service What are the goals behind a corporate sponsorship To enhance reputation of product give visibility to product publicity and provide a focal point for marketing campaigns What makes entertainment PR so important in the PR industry We are a celebrity obsessed culture therefore there is money and opportunity in celebrity PR What entails promoting a celebrity personality 2 developing an in detail media kit 3 obtaining newsworthy facts through interview with the personality 4 develop a short bio 5 create stategy on how to brand a celeb 6 decide target audiences 7 make telephone calls and email pitches 8 Conducting the promotional campaign which involves getting the celebrity invited to news worthy events 9 Other public appearances The drip drip drip technique is the repetition and steady output of information on a subject True or False True Describe the difference between the bookers and the planters The bookers arrange for a celebrity personality s appearances while planters deliver publicity stories and information to media offices Lecture 21 Global PR What is global PR The planned and organized effort of a company institution or government to establish and build relationships with the publics of other nations What are Hofstede s 5 cultural dimensions Name and describe 1 1 Power Distance 1 A measure of tolerance for centralized power 2 High tolerance countries are France Mexico Muslim nations 3 Low tolerance countries Austria and USA 2 2 Individualism Collectivism 1 Assessment of loyalty or privileging of the individual vs group 2 Asian and Latin American countries are more collectivists and typically place a greater emphasis on the good of the group 3 Western nations like us are individualistic 3 3 Masculinity Feminity 1 Competitiveness v compassion 2 Masculine competitive nations include Germany Australia Japan 3 4 Feminine nations compassionate include Spain and Sweden 4 Uncertainty avoidance 1 This descrives how well a society tolerates ambiguity and how well people deal with an unknown future 2 Less tolerant nations include Japan Greece and China 3 More tolerant nations include Great Britain USA Sweden 5 5 Long term v Short term orientation 1 The degree to which citizens of a country pay attention to honor the traditions of the past 2 East Asian nations typically have this orientation 3 The USA and Canada are more short term in focus The audiences that are important to target within globalization are companies themselves Nongovernmental organizations NGO International institutions What role does lobbying play Lobbying is a government relations specialty that focuses on influencing legislation The pitfall of lobbying is that it erodes confidence in the government What is grassroots lobbying This differs in that it involves the coalition building and getting those with no financial interest in an issue to speak on the sponsor s behalf

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