UGA ADPR 3850 - Corporate and Entertainment PR (Part 2) (4 pages)

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Corporate and Entertainment PR (Part 2)

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Corporate and Entertainment PR (Part 2)


Continuation of last lecture that digs into entertainment and sports PR.

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Adpr 3850 - Public Relations
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ADPR 3850 1nd Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Previous Lecture I Managing Corporate Reputations Outline of Current Lecture I Managing Corporate Reputations II Entertainment and Sports PR III Travel Promotion Lecture MANAGING CORPORATE REPUTATIONS The role of public relations The importance of corporate social responsibility The eyes and ears of an organization Reputation management Americans Opinions about big business are 45 of Americans believe that executives of large U S corporations are trustworthy according to a recent Gallup survey On the opposite end 79 trust small business owners Corporate Citizenship by the numbers survey of executives 82 believe that good corporate citizenship contributes to meeting an organization s financial objectives 53 say corporate citizenship is important to their customers Corporate Social Responsibility Idea that a company operates in a manner that goes beyond legal requirements This is when corporations engage in philanthropy projects green behaviors etc Media Relations Many CEOs see journalists as the enemy due to inaccurate incomplete coverage inadequate research anti business bias and more Journalists combat this by arguing that the executives make it difficult to write objectively about an organization by not giving them access providing press releases with minimal news value and incomplete information on websites etc Customer Relations Customer Service is the front line of public relations This is important because of customer satisfaction loyalty positive word of mouth and reputation A dissatisfied customer will tell 9 to 15 people a satisfied customer 4 to 6 PR must actively listen to consumers and convey concerns back The DOs and DONTs of Consumer Activism These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute DOs Work with those interested in solutions Offer transparency Turn suggestions into action DON T Get emotional Work with those who make threats Expect immediate results Consumer Boycotts A boycott is a refusal to buy the products and services of an offending company Offenses can range from the addition of hidden fees to larger business practices to dislike of a spokesperson The efficacy of consumer boycotts is mixed Bank of America removed a monthly debit card fee as consumers threatened to move money elsewhere The flipside of the boycott is the buycott the excess buying of a product in order to combat a boycott Community Relations Analyze the environment Important public opinion issues in the community What kind of citizen if your organization What is the role of corporate philanthropy Employee Relations Employees are the ambassadors and a primary public of corporations PR often works with human resources on employee communications The challenges of this Morale what motivates different people to do things Behavior of other employees Layoffs and outsourcing Investor Relations Requires knowledge of finance and government regulations Typically among highest paid PR practitioners Investor relations staff primarily communicate with institutional investors individual investors shareholders prospective shareholders and the financial media Use things like annual reports stockholder meetings etc Marketing Communications Marketing communications is the process of using the tactics of PR to support sales objectives Integrated marketing communications means managing all the sources of information about a product or service Product publicity product placement often used to increase publicity and public awareness Cause related marketing Involves partnerships with nonprofits to promote a particular cause Corporate Sponsorship to enhance reputation give product brands high visibility provide a focal point for marketing efforts and sales campaigns generate publicity Viral marketing this is when there is buzz about a product or service enhances reputation management and message dissemination Corporate Philanthropy Charitable Donations by Corporations 1 13 from foundations 2 8 from bequests 3 4 from corporations 4 75 from individuals ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS TOURISM K There s growing interest in careers in sports entertainment and hospitality among PR students and practitioners K PR is required in these areas given the overwhelming size of this marketplace and the competition taking place for access to disposable income dollars The Entertainment Industry K We are a celebrity obsessed culture In the 24 hours following the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 60 of total news coverage was about his death legacy and life story Eclipsed all other major news stories including health care reform the greenhouse gas bill political violence etc It involves serving as publicist and engaging in damage control and trying to shine light on positive Promoting a Personality in PR Takes Preparation Get newsworthy facts through interview with the personality Develop a short bio Something that can be easily shared Develop a media kit a large and more fully comprehensive overview of the client Determine what about the personality is to be sold like raising awareness promote TV show etc Decide target audiences Make telephone and e mail pitches Conducting the promotional campaign Produce news releases and arrange for photo opportunities Get client invited to news worthy events such as award ceremonies Public appearances like conferences trade shows store openings Promoting an Entertainment Event The drip drip drip technique repetition and steady output of information The movie industry Planters deliver publicity stories and information to media offices Bookers who arrange for talk show appearances and other appearances Product tie ins like Happy Meals that are related to movies Sports Publicity Sports publicists embrace the normal PR toolbox but they also try to stir fan emotion Lebron is on the court but he is also everywhere within pop culture Promoting heroes both on and off the field Managing crises like the Penn state and Jerry Sandusky incident Developing sponsorship ties Travel Promotion Stimulating desire to visit with online and in travel publications programs Arranging for the traveler to reach the destination by cooperating with tour booking Assuring a good time while the tourists are there customer service is a must Traveling Demographics GEN Y makes up 12 of leisure travelers 13 of all business travelers FAMILY travelers make up 30 of leisure travelers GEN X makes

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