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1 ES473 UPDATED SCHEDULE – April 23, 2009: This outline should be considered tentative at best. The following schedule may be modified as class ideas evolve throughout the semester. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Week Dates Class Content Text Reading Class Assignments _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Mar 31 Class Policies, Introduction Keller, Ch. 1, 4 -Intro to Quant. Apps. Apr 2 Taylor off to Seattle for Meeting: In- -Video Review Quest. Class Video, Lab, and Reading Assignment -Reading/ Summary 1 2 Apr 7 Natural Hazards / Mitigation Overview Keller, Ch. 4 -Reading/Summary 2 Journal Articles -Earthquake Video Apr 9 Seismic / Tectonic Hazards Keller Ch. 7 -Seismic Hazards Lab Student Poster Topics Assigned for Academic Showcase. Theme: Seismic Hazards of the Pacific Northwest (in collaboration with ES407 Senior Seminar) 3 Apr 14 Seismic / Volcanic Hazards Keller Ch. 8 Volcanic Hazards Lab April 16 Volcanic Hazards 4 Apr 21 Field Trip - PSU Student Night: OR Assoc. of PSU Trip Summary 3 Environmental and Engineering Geologists; Social, Dinner, and Scientific Presentations; Starts at 5:30 PM; LV WOU at 4:00 PM Apr 23 Landslide and Mass Wasting Hazards Keller Ch. 6 Landslides Lab 5 Apr 28 OSU Seminar – LiDAR Applications OSU Trip Summary 4 Draft Academic Showcase Abstracts Due Apr 30 Rivers and Flooding Keller Ch 5 Poster Abstracts Final Academic Showcase Abstracts Due 6 May 5 Midterm Exam May 7 Waste Management - Field Trip Coffin Butte Keller Ch 12 Landfill Summary 5 Landfill (Lv WOU 2:30 PM) Landfill Planning Lab 7 May 12 Water Resources, Quality and Treatment Keller Ch. 10-11 Water Quality Lab May 14 Groundwater Resources Journal Articles(s) Groundwater Video 8 May 19 Open Lab / Poster Preparation Groundwater Lab 1 May 20 Natural Science Seminar 12:00 PM Wed. NS103 Seismicity and Cascadia Subduction Zone May 21 Field Trip to Monmouth-Independence- Mon-Ind-Dallas Trip Dallas Area (Lv 2:30 PM) Summary 6 9 May 26 Groundwater (cont.) Keller Ch 10-11 Groundwater Lab 2 May 28 Academic Showcase – Thurs. May 28, 2009 – Student Presentations 10 June 2 Showcase Poster Reviews and Summaries AES Poster Summary June 4 Watershed Restoration Overview Journal Article(s) 11 Week of June 8 Finals Week, check schedule ___________________________________________________________________________________________2 ES473 Lab Portfolio Checklist – Spring 2009 /5 Intro to Quantitative Applications Exercise /5 Introductory Video Review Sheets /8 Summary 1 – Overview of Geologic Hazards in Oregon (DOGAMI PAPER) /8 Summary 2 – Seismic Hazards in the Pacific Northwest /5 Earthquake Video Review Sheet /10 Seismic Hazards Lab /10 Volcanic Hazards Lab /8 Summary 3 – PSU Student Research Posters and Abstracts /10 Landslides Hazards Lab /7 Academic Showcase Abstract /10 Landfill Planning Lab /8 Summary 4 – OSU Lidar Seminar /8 Summary 5 - Coffin Butte Landfill Summary /10 Water Quality Lab /5 Groundwater Video Review Sheet /10 Groundwater Lab 1 /8 Summary 6 – Monmouth-Independence-Dallas Field Trip /10 Groundwater Lab 2 /20 Academic Showcase Poster /10 Academic Showcase Poster Summaries Total 175

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