UW-Madison ENVIRST 260 - Evolution and Natural Selection (4 pages)

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Evolution and Natural Selection

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Evolution and Natural Selection


This gives an overview of Evolution with a focus on a working definition and the null model. It also goes into more detail about natural selection with requirements and examples. It also talks a bit about assignments on moodle.

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Envirst 260 - Introductory Ecology

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ENVIR ST 260 1st Edition Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture I Populations A What Controls Size and Growth B Impact of Competition and Density C What We Learn from Studying Populations II Evolution A Definition B Observation of Genetic Changes Outline of Current Lecture I Evolution A Working Definition B Null Model II Natural Selection A Requirements B Examples Things to Think About III Information about Files on Moodle Current Lecture Evolution Definition of Evolution Working Definition Change in the genetic makeup of a population overtime Changes in DNA These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute We have to have the whole population individuals can have changes but it doesn t really matter And then there s the time component generational time Example from Tuesday If there are flowers of two different colors and if a pollinator has a preference to one flower color the purple flower we can look at how the allele frequencies change in this population There would be a greater proportion of purple flowers Null Model 5 criteria that if in place will lead to a population that is static and not evolving No Selection You can select for a trait or against a trait Predators Predators can select against slow easy to spot individuals Climate One trait as cold tolerant or not cold tolerant If it gets colder you ll be selecting for the cold tolerant genotype and against the genotype that is not cold tolerant Resistance to disease Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem in health care You re selecting for antibiotic resistant bacterial strains No Mutation These occur in the background all the time They re not necessarily bad they can be good A gene can mutate and give an individual an advantage But if it s not occurring you don t see evolution No gene flow This is individuals moving from one population to another This is either immigration joining a population or emigration

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