UW-Madison ENVIRST 260 - Ecology in Wisconsin (2 pages)

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Ecology in Wisconsin

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Ecology in Wisconsin


This lecture note discusses the class discussion/findings about the tension zone, driftless zone and the ecological landscape of the NW Sands and Central Sands

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Envirst 260 - Introductory Ecology
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ENVIR ST 260 1st Edition Lecture 21 Outline of Last Lecture I Snowmobiling in Yellow Stone Park II Hydroelectric Power III Restoration in Chicago and Public Opinion Outline of Current Lecture I Tension Zone II Driftless Zone III Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin Current Lecture Tension Zone Climate Climate shift with cooler moister conditions in the north and warmer drier conditions in the south Soils 40 of Wisconsin s endemic soils endemic soils are very localized and only occur in one place Plant Communities Northern mixed pine dominated and southern broadleaf oak dominated Driftless Area What is the driftless area Southwest Wisconsin overlapping into Iowa MN IL Geological history Not covered by last glaciation so it has greater topography than surrounding area Unique features Caves and disappearing streams Curved river valleys Federally endangered snails Conservation concerns Erosion on MS river Timber harvest which changes hydrology These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Restoration of bluff prairies through fire Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin Regions aren t based on counties They can t because sometimes counties have different ecological features If you were to try to manage one versus another you d get conflicting results Visit http dnr wi gov topic landscapes What is the current landcover NW Sands Dry forest grassland barrens Central Sands Agricultural land What is the disturbance regime NW Sands Fire Central Sands Water being withdrawn Describe the status of at least one species of concern NW Sands Buckthorn Invasive Central Sands Trout are in trouble due to streams drying up Describe a major conservation opportunity priority NW Sands Crex Central Sands High capacity wells

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