UW-Madison ENVIRST 260 - Final Exam Study Guide (6 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


This study guide provides a summary of the key points from lectures 20-25 which will be on the exam.

Study Guide
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Envirst 260 - Introductory Ecology

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ENVIR ST 360 1st Edition Exam 4 Study Guide Lectures 20 25 Lecture 20 November 20 Controversy in Yellowstone Environmentalist Arguments Noise pollution Safety Negative Economic Impact of Snowmobiles Snowmobiler Arguments Economic income during winter best way to enjoy the park Ecological Impacts of Snowmobiling Alter wildlife movement damage vegetation increase erosion air and water pollution In the summer there are much more visitors and consequent negative impacts to Yellowstone However it generates a lot of money so no one says anything about it Hydroelectric Power Dam Impacts Trap sediment negative effects on fisheries downstream erosion Positives of Dams Non polluting energy recreational Restoration in Chicago and Public Opinion Chicago tried to restore prairies through Prescribed fire wildlife control herbicide use cutting brush and trees Public had a negative response to this due to perceptions of Poorly placed money loss of recreation value human interference with nature How to change public opinion Education Newsletters Signage Press Give the facts and benefits of restoration Lecture 21 November 25 Tension Zone Climate Shift between cooler moister north and warmer drier south Soils 40 of Wisconsin s endemic soils Plant Communities Northern mixed pine dominated and southern broadleaf oak dominated Driftless Area History Not covered by last glaciation which resulted in greater topography Unique Features Caves and disappearing streams curved river valleys federally endangered snails Conservation Concerns Erosion on MS River Timber harvest which changes hydrology Restoration of bluff prairies through fire Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin Not based on counties but ecological features NW Sands Landcover Dry forest grassland barrens Disturbance Regime Fire Species of Concern Buckthorn Invasive Conservation Opportunity Crex Central Sands Landcover Agricultural land Disturbance Regime Water being withdrawn Species of Concern Trout due to streams drying up

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