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BIOL 3451 Exam 1 Review 1 What are the different theories of heredity Pangenesis inheritance of acquired characteristics preformationism blending inheritance germ plasm theory mendelian inheritance 2 What are the principles of cell theory 3 What are the basic units of heredity 4 What are genes made of 5 What is DNA packaged into 6 What is a karyotype 7 Compare and contrast prokaryotes and eukaryotes 8 Describe Asexual Reproduction binary fission 9 During what phase of the cell cycle does DNA replicate 10 Draw a chromosome and label the telomere centromere and the chromatids 11 Draw and name the four different positions of centromeres 12 What are the p and q arms of a human chromosome 13 Define locus 14 How many chromosomes are here DNA Sister chromatids 15 If a racoon has a ploidy number of 13 what is the number of chromosomes in their gametes Somatic cells 16 What is a homologous pair 17 Draw the cell cycle Include what the chromosomes look like in each phase 18 Mitosis results in a Two identical daughter cells b Two unique daughter cells c Four identical daughter cells d Four unique daughter cells 19 The stages of mitosis in order are a Metaphse telophase anaphase prophase b Telophase anaphase metaphase prophase c Prophase metaphase anaphase telophase d Anaphase telophase prophase metaphase 20 Identify this stage 21 Identify this stage 22 Identify this stage 23 Where do spindle fiber attach to on the chromosome 24 Differentiate between karyokinesis and cytokinesis 25 If a cell has 13 chromosomes at the beginning of interphase how many chromosomes does it have after S phase After mitosis 26 How was Dolly the sheep cloned 27 What is special about meiosis 28 During meiosis when do monoploid cells first appear 29 Why is prophase one special 30 Define tetrad chiasma and synaptonemal complex 31 Leptotene zygotene pachytene diplotene and diakinesis are part of what stage of meiosis 32 What is interkinesis 33 What are the roles of cohesion and shugoshin in meiosis 34 How is genetic variation introduced in meiosis 35 Diagram male and female gametogenesis 36 Describe the difference between genotype and phenotype 37 Define heterozygote and homozygote 38 What gametes are produced if the cell begins with the genotype Gg Dd Ww trihybrid cross 39 What did Mendel study What plant did he use 40 What is a monohybrid cross 41 If you cross a heterozygous green pea with a homozygous yellow plant what is the distribution of the colors of the F1 generation 42 Define the principle of segregation 43 What is the probability that a SsBb x Ssbb will have a homozygous for both traits

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UNT BIOL 3451 - Exam 1 Review

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