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Race and Minority Group RelationsFinal Exam Study GuideBe able to define and discuss the following terms:Race- a group of people considered physically distinct, and distinct by themselves / otherEthnicity- shared (social) characteristics of a physically distinct groupInstitutional Discrimination- discrimination ‘preformed’ by institutions such as Conflict Perspective- conflict is built in, exploitation and domination is undesirable,, change can bring about better equalityFunctionalist/Order Perspective-society is the way it is because it serves a purpose, look at the behavior of the underprivileged group to see what they do differently, minimal change and disturbanceSocial Distance- the difference between 2 groups, the closer the groups the less social distance =>betterEthnocentrism- the belief that one; country, race and ethnicity is superior to others Ethnic Stratification- the unequal distribution of resources such as money, jobs, housing, loans, assets based on race / ethnicityGary Becker’s Theory of Discrimination- 1. Employers are racist / they sway to conform to what hey feel their clients want2. Prejudice is dysfunctional because it doesn’t place the best qualified in the joba. This should over time disappear as businesses fail3. Discrimination benefits Whites inadvertentlySplit-Labor Market Theory-1. Best interest not to discriminate but pressured by high-paid workers to protect mid-level2. Dysfunctional to business and society3. Benefits white workers purposely (when there is a strong mid-level worker force)Marxist Theory-1. Employers discriminate to divide and conquer workers2. Dysfunctional for all employees3. Benefits employersa. More discrimination / racial inequality leads to push wages down for everyoneCulture of Poverty Theory-• Some groups may have traits that lead them to succeed better than other groupso Focus on work, education, behavior and attitudes• Their adaptations are logical adaptations to deal with conditions• This integration of different ideals and behaviors leads to a cyclical perpetuation of the culture of povertyWealth- total assets minus debt, represents past discrimination Poverty – state of insufficient money, defined by the income and number of people and age of them. Poverty figure doesn’t factor in medication, living location, or current food costsIndex of Dissimilarity- the index that shows the percentage of the population that would have to be moved to have an equal distributionRace and Minority Group RelationsFinal Exam Study Guide Restrictive Covenants- legal agreement specifying that land could not be owned/ occupied by ‘undesirables’ and this was often written into wills, deeds etc. Redlining- only allotting money for loans for specific areas of the cityRacial Steering- steering prospective black and white home buyers to different areas, giving them different options and pries because of their race, to maintain White, Good areas of higher social and economic status Blockbusting- real estate companies moving black / minority families to White areas to bring down values and status to start ‘white flight’ so that they can make a lot of money. “white flight”- the concept of white people fleeing the area when minority families start to encroach upon ‘their’ areas. 1968 Fair Housing Act- at passed in 1968 that changed practices and made it illegal to discriminate on housing because of raceCultural Bias- judging by standards of one’s own cultureEx- minority students face a cultural bias against them in the educational system, perceptions of inferiority, Cultural Deprivation- absence of expectations and guidance in preparation Ex- disadvantaged kids don’t have home values such as value of education, hard work, (which is a functionalist idea), aren’t exposed to as many books / aren’t read to as oftenOppositional Identity – after long history of oppression some groups like the Black and Native American population have formed an oppositional identity, a rejection of White and mainstream society and culture and solidarity of their own.Cumulative Discrimination- the slow, small, day to day form of discrimination that pick away and create a general feeling of anomie (isolation), less worth, and oppressionUnderstand and be able to explain/discuss the following topics:Population Distribution by Race/Ethnicity (U.S. & F.L. – see overheads from early part of semester)• Major groups:o Whites 64% => 47% FLORIDA- 59%o Hispanics 12% => 16% FLORIDA-22%o Blacks 12% =>13% FLORIDA- 15%o Asians 5% =>9% FLORIDA-Minority Groups’ General Position in the Economy (Income, Employment, Poverty, etc.) - Have a basic notion of how the major racial/ethnic groups compare to one another- Incomeo White- 52ko Hispanic- 34ko Asian- 65 ko Black- 33k- Employmento White- highest employment rateo Asian- higher than other minorities but lower than whites stillo Hispanic- get more than Blacks not as high as whitesRace and Minority Group RelationsFinal Exam Study Guideo Black- get about ½ the jobs that whites get- Povertyo White-10%o Asian12%o Hispanic-26.6%o Black-27.4%Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Wealth - Wealth is important because it is a better determinant of you’re future and success than income. Wealth is also indicative of your historical past and shows the amount of oppression through the amount you have been able to accumulate.- White families are more likely to have more wealth because they have been able to buy land and own houses which is the fastest way to build wealth. Wealth can be passed on from generation to generation slowly increasing over time. These opportunities were denied to minoritiesPrevalence of Discrimination by Employers in the Labor Market - results of auditing studies - there is still a lot of discrimination. Blacks face discrimination in 1 out of 5 jobs, 38% of the time Whites advance farther than similarly qualified Blacks, 34% fewer job offers for Blacks Latinos- characteristics of those most likely to be discriminated against- darker skin, higher educated blacks (going against racial etiquette, around more educated Whites and in ‘their’ sphere), - why sometimes hard for Whites to see - White entitlement means they don’t have to experience many of these, structural barriers that are set up so that Whites are benefited and don’t have certain barriersTactics Used by Employers to Discriminate - At any and all stages- Recruitmento Selective advertising(only certain areas /

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