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Running head: PERSONAL ACTION PLAN 1Personal Action PlanHCS/449PERSONAL ACTION PLAN 2Personal Action PlanDetails on personal strengths and weaknesses: My strengths in the health care field is that I now feel confident that I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in health administration. This degree has inspired me to continue in pursuing my master’s in public health and then on to become a registered nurse. I have developed patience, discipline and ambition. I have dedicated myself to my studies and have found that if I put my mind to anything that I can and will accomplish all of my goals. My goals are realistic and I have been told that I have inspired many. I have even discovered that I am creative and enjoy being on the computer. My weaknesses in the past when it came to my education were that I was lazy and I complained a lot. I had no idea just how important it is to have an education. I used to shyaway from meetings and would not want to give input in front of people, or even as muchas doing a power point presentation. Reflection based on program outcomes: The University of Phoenix has not only provided me with an education, but additional resources that has allowed me to become discipline to meet my goals. In the past I have tried to go to school the traditional way by sitting in class and because of my work schedule I couldn’t always make class. There are many people who frown at online education. I am here to attest thatonline education is very challenging and it requires the student to think and become ambitious about their studies.PERSONAL ACTION PLAN 3Three personal goals:1. I plan on returning to school this fall for may master’s in public health. 2. I plan on obtaining my RN’s license after completing my master’s degree3. I would like to take my health administration license for the state of Pa.Details on achieving the goals:I have applied to New York Medical for my public health degree. I was accepted and willattend in January 2012. I would have loved to go to nursing school first, but there is a long waiting list, so I decided not to waste time and get back into school. I am currently in a health administration class that is preparing me for my license to work in a personal care home, nursing home or assisted living. Having this license will help me with options in the job

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UOPX HCS 449 - Personal Action Plan

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