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Week Three Discussion Question 3 Conduct research online about setting goals What tips did you find that are helpful to you in creating goals Please read the Week Three discussion question above this question is also posted in the Course Materials Forum Develop your thoughts and post your response into the Main Forum following this thread Please do not start a new thread for this discussion question As well you may find it helpful to review the requirements for posting a response which can be found within your syllabus You are required to post a response to two 2 DQ each week in the Main Forum Each response is to be 100 150 words Susanna Palomores wrote an interesting article for Women s Media titled Six Principles of Goal Setting 2011 In the article she states that the six principles are positive present tense personal precise possible and powerful The goals should be stated positively and in present tense as though they are being realized now The goals should be about the persons own self not about others The goals should be precise and possible or realistic Achieving the goals should be attainable and not create a sense of overwhelming Finally the goals should be powerful in that they convey action and emotion I like her quote in the article where she explains why goals are important instead of just letting life happen to you goals allow you to make your life happen Palomares 2011 Palomores Susanna 2011 Six Principles of Goal Setting Retrieved August 10 2011 from http www womensmedia com coaching 258 six principles of goal setting html Some of the goal setting tips that I found include writing the goal down making it believable it should be something that is challenging you must be specific in the goal can it be measured and have a deadline that you would like to reach it by These are key aspects in goal setting If a person writes a goal down they are more likely to remember and achieve it it will make it more real By making the goal believable you are able to see that it is quite attainable and can be reached Of course you want it to be something that challenges you in some way if it isn t challenging what is the reward in achieving it Being specific in the goal allows you to make a plan of action and stick to it Being able to measure your goal allows you to find out at different intervals if you are on track or have veered off the path And lastly having a deadline if you do not make a deadline how will you ever know if you have achieved the goal

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UOPX HCS 449 - Week Three Discussion Question #3

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