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Week Three Discussion Question 2 What continuing education opportunities currently exist to further extend your health care knowledge in your chosen career or role Please read the Week Three discussion question above this question is also posted in the Course Materials Forum Develop your thoughts and post your response into the Main Forum following this thread Please do not start a new thread for this discussion question As well you may find it helpful to review the requirements for posting a response which can be found within your syllabus You are required to post a response to two 2 DQ each week in the Main Forum Each response is to be 100 150 words Continuing education is an opportunity to further your education and obtain certificates that can provide you with promotions Some organizations provide in service training for updates on your current position An individual may return to school to further their education with another degree or go to some seminars that will provide certificates for training However many schools have continuing education for those who needs to get their GED diploma and also earn credits towards their college credits I have decided to further my education by obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree here at UOP After I am done with this program I will continue with my Masters degree and continue in my search for a position in this field It is important to keep your knowledge updated with current information in your field of work Continuing education will maintain your focus with your current position and keep you informed with new technology or any changes in your field There are many great programs that broadens the skill base of health care workers and prepares you to take on additional responsibilities Many of these programs help to develop and promote the skills of critical analytical and reflective thinking and understand how education and practice are related in terms of evidence based care This is a great benefit from opportunities to extend current roles develop additional skills and respond to the changing context within the health and social care sector Many healthcare roles are seen as a key position within future workforce developments in health and social care The aim of continuing education opportunities is to enhance cognitive skills strengthen interpersonal skills establish competencies in practice and develop more effective inter professional working through both academic and work mediums

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UOPX HCS 449 - Week Three Discussion Question #2

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