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UOPX HCS 449 - Week Two Discussion Question #3

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Week Two Discussion Question #3What is the benefit of a personal reflection? How do you think personal reflection will help with career development?Please read the Week Two discussion question above; this question is also posted in theCourse Materials Forum. Develop your thoughts, and post your response into the MainForum, following this thread. Please do not start a new thread for this discussion question.As well, you may find it helpful to review the requirements for posting a response which canbe found within your syllabus. You are required to post a response to two (2) DQ each weekin the Main Forum. Each response is to be 100-150 words.One of the many benefits of personal reflection is that it allows a person like myself to evaluate their life. Thistechnique has allowed me to set goals for myself as far as school, work and my responsibilities at home. During the program I learned how to discipline myself when it came to studying , writing post and just simply turning in assignments. Many people tried to discourage me from going to school online. I had to make up in my mind that its not hard ,its just a challenge. Learning to improve my organization skills over the past two years has taught me how to approach employment with a positive attitude. Although, I set a goal for myself and I am almost their midway. I know that I can continue to reflect and set goals and pursue my dreams.What is the benefit of a personal reflection? I believe that one of the benefits of a personal reflection is to be able to effectively evaluate where I am in my life versus where I intended to be. The decision of where I intended to be at this stage may have been made when I was in high school and planning for college or, for the purposes of this class, it may have been made when I began this program two years ago. So, the questions I might ask myself could be:- Have I been able to attain my goal of degree completion?- Did I learn anything throughout the program?- Did I learn what I wanted to along the way?- What else did I learn, besides academic knowledge?- Was there anything that hindered my learning experience and how did I address those obstacles?- Having learned what I have thus far, do I still want to do with my degree what I originally planned or do I have other options now?- Etc..How do you think personal reflection will help with career development?I think personal reflection will help with career development in that I can apply the samemethodology of asking myself questions about what career I'm working in at that time. For example, if working on a project to fruition, I can ask myself if I did my best, what I could have done differently and how I will do better next time. Personal reflection will also help me to understand if I'm meeting my career advancement goals and if not, I can work on identifying and resolving the issues that may be blocking my path, whether self-imposed or imposed by

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