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Public Speaking: Informative Speeches- Think about who the audience iso First thing you should ask!o Presentation should be tailored to your audienceo Demographics Age, gender, race Gives us some ideas about them but doesn’t tell us truly who that person iso Psychographics Things people have- Attitudes, beliefs How people feel about the world Doesn’t necessarily tell you about the person’s behaviorso Behaviors You have to be able to watch and observe the audienceo Direct contact Talking to people to find out who they are  Really tells you who your audience is  Go to a meeting before your presentation to talk to the audience and help reduce anxiety and have a more realistic idea for you presentation- Be a good listener, don’t talk so much- Informative speecho Introductiono Body  Main Point 1 Main Point 2 Main Point 3o Conclusion- Introductiono Open with IMPACT Get audience’s attention in a way that grabs them  Don’t say “good morning” or “how are you” Great ways:- Ask a rhetorical question not opened ended questionso Speak quickly after you ask the question, don’t allow audience to answer- Tell personal storyo Increases ethos- Be careful with quotes Loudest point in speecho Thesis  Single, clear, concise sentenceo Connect with the audience Creating relevance Tell audience why they should listen to you  Connect with the audience early and often- Introduction is “early” parto Speaker credentials Brag about yourself Tell audience why you know what you know  We are in an individualist society In China, don’t brag, be humble In America, brag!o Preview the main points Tell 3 points 3 times First time mentioning 3 main pointso Order is not important for the middle part of intro- Bodyo Build in oral citations o Build in natural transitions between the pointso Second time mentioning 3 main points- Conclusiono Restate thesiso Summarize main pointso Create closure Start with idea and end with same ideao Last time mentioning 3 main pointso Never put in new information!o Never thank audience! Audience should be thanking the speaker- Organizational Patternso Informative To educate or to inform Topical- Organize main points by subject- Topics Time- Chronological order- Dates! Spatial- Geographical- More with space, not just geographical sections- Spatial relationso Persuasive Cause/Effect Problem/Solution Motivated Sequence- Developed in

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UCF COM 1000 - Public Speaking

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