UCF COM 1000 - Public Speaking: Delivery Styles

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Public Speaking: Delivery Styles- U.S. has the most anxiety for public speaking in the world - 4 main delivery styleso Manuscript Write out a speak word or word and you read it to an audience Ex. State of the Union address, a lot of political speeches- Speeches are created by someone else, not the politician Have to make sure the speech writers craft the speech specifically for the politician. Everyone has a public speaking style Video: Commander in Chief- First female president because actual president was killed and she was vice president.- First time she addressed the nation as the President of the United States- As she’s reading the manuscript to the important people, the screenwith the script cuts off. She caught it because she’s practiced it and looked over it before- Still have to practice with manuscript- Television castors use manuscripts on teleprompterso Other people control the speed of the manuscript Too slow: awkward Too fast: really fast wordso Have to learn how to keep your eyes straight and not look side to side Have to get all facts straight and numbers right when reading a manuscript Delivering a eulogy (speech for a deceased person) is fine to use manuscript Have to be careful about stereotypes about young people- Unprepared, less credible  Stay away from manuscript!o Impromptu Don’t have anything ready No preparation and no prior notice Very difficulto Memorized Actors memorize scripts Don’t know full information, just word for word Use scripted language when speaking (negative, bad) Sound superficial - People don’t trust you Time consuming Beware! Performance is different than presentation- Presentation is you being yourselfo Adjusting your message based on audience- Performance is one-way communicationo You normally don’t see audience because they are dark- Video: National Anthem signer forgets words Natalie Gilbert at NBA finalso She was laughing when she messed up because she was uncomfortable and the audience was laughing too We want people to do well and if they don’t, we feel bad and uncomfortableo Audience wants you to succeed and its awkward when you don’t o She was an amature- Video: Christina Aguilera messes up National Anthem during Super Bowlo She messed up the words and she thought she was doing goodo Sometimes people just mess up- Video: Christina Aguilera talking on Elleno People are usually more forgiving of the speaker than the speaker is of themselveso Extemporaneous Practice speech and make outline for it- Make note cards for speecho Not huge note card and not everything written on them Practice, preparation, and ability to be spontaneous Business professionals use this

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UCF COM 1000 - Public Speaking: Delivery Styles

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