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MTC BIO 210 - Review Questions for Articulations

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Review Questions for Articulations1. Define articulations, synovial, meniscus, brusae, tendon sheath, subluxation, luxation, sprain, diarthrotic, amphiarthrotic, synarthrotic, arthrology.2. Write out a description of all the different types of movement. Practice doing each type of movement so that you know what each movement does.3. Make sure you know what bones make up each of the articulations that we discussed in class.4. What is lyme disease?5. What is arthritis? Are there different types of arthritis? Describe each type.6. Do the joints age as we age?7. What type of joint is subject to a cartilage tear?8. Where would one fine a meniscus?9. What is bursitis?10. What makes up the unhappy triad? Why is this triad unhappy?11. What is supination?12. What is pronation?13. What stabilizes a joint?14. What are the 6 features of a synovial joint? Can you describe each one?15. If a joint is freely mobile, would it be more or less stable? Why?16. Where would you find a sunchrondroses?17. Where are sutures located?18. Where would a symphyses be found?19. Find your gomphoses.20. Compare and contrast the three structural types of joints. What are the bones held together by?21. Compare and contrast the 3 functional types of joints.22. What is the difference between abduction and adduction?23. List examples of uniaxial, biaxial, and multiaxial

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