Personality/Psychological Disorders

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Personality/Psychological Disorders

Lecture Notes 12: includes continuation of personality theories and introduction to psychological disorders

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University Of Connecticut
Psyc 1103 - General Psychology II (Enhanced)

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PSYCH 1103 1st Edition Lecture 12 Outline of Last Lecture I. Neo-Freudians a. Karen Horney II. Critical evaluation of psychodynamic approach a. Positives b. Negatives III. Trait approaches IV. Trait theories a. Gordon Allport b. Paul Costa and Robert McCrae c. Big-Five Model d. Biological trait theories V. Critical evaluation of trait theories a. Positives b. Negatives VI. Social-cognitive theories a. Julian Rotter Outline of Current Lecture I. Social-cognitive theories cont. a. Albert Bandura II. The Humanistic Approach III. Humanistic Theories a. Carl Rogers b. Abraham Maslow IV. Psychological Disorders V. Medical Model VI. Defining abnormality a. Infrequency b. Norm violation c. Personal suffering d. Criteria for abnormality will vary by VII. Biopsychosocial model Current Lecture I. Social-Cognitive Theories a. Albert Bandura

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