Stress and Coping

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Stress and Coping

Lecture Notes 9: includes examples of stressors, overview of how to measure stress, what stress mediators are and do, and types of stress responses

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University Of Connecticut
Psyc 1103 - General Psychology II (Enhanced)

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PSYCH 1103 1st Edition Lecture 9 Outline of Last Lecture I. Exam 1 Outline of Current Lecture II. Hurricane Katrina III. Stressor post-Katrina a. Physical b. Psychological IV. Stressors pre-Katrina a. Physical b. Psychological V. Definitions a. Stress b. Stressor VI. Types of Stressors a. Life changes b. Catastrophic events c. Acute stressors d. Daily hassles e. Chronic stressors VII. Measuring Stress a. Holmes & Rahe VIII. SRRS a. Life Event IX. Life Experiences Survey X. Physical Stress Responses a. General Adaptation Syndrome XI. Stress Mediators XII. Stress Mediators in Lab Current Lecture I. Hurricane Katrina a. Forms in Gulf of Mexico in August, 2005 b. Makes landfall on Gulf Coast, including New Orleans i. 80% of parishes flooded ii. Massive destruction 1. 1500 people died II. Stressors post-Katrina?

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