UW-Milwaukee JAMS 214 - Language of Sales (3 pages)

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Language of Sales

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Language of Sales


language of sales

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jams 214 - Advertising in American Society

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JAMS 214 1st Edition Lecture 17 Sales language sound symbolism association between sound sequences and particular meanings connotations activates particular social and cultural associations Hard Sell Persuasion Focus is on product features uses and advantages o Rooted in old fashioned salesmanship o talky emphasis is on verbal textual explanation o assumes consumers engage in rational decision making soft sell persuasion focus is on the emotional connection and cultural connotations o rooted in appeals to self transformation o emphasis on imagery fantasy best version of selves o works in concert with branding they want to be associated with the type of person or care that is given o model for consumer behavior irrational drives example of the Marlboro campaign man on a horse big red letters untamed free classic manly example of the 1984 ad by apple example is old spice believe in your smellf campaign publics internal o employees shareholders etc external o consumers public govt etc These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute media relations o news outlets entertainment industry bloggers public relations aim explain the brand to various publics o traditionally manage a group s image resolve crises o today more and more promotional work events stunts etc example ray rice and the NFL airing a lot of no more ads example wendy s adoptable children PR and Management Challenge find a market or disposal for sludge o Unpopular o Dangerous Objectives Use media to make the internal and external publics consent to the use of toxic sludge o Biosolid fertilizer Cause marketing What its not o Philanthropy Direct charitable giving Cause marketing defines Marketing that links a brand to a public cause o Some portion of each purchase given to a cause Lids save lives o Within advertising understand as a form of sponsorship Cause marketing 1980 zero 1990 120m mil 2012 1 7

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