UW-Milwaukee JAMS 214 - Infant Formula vs Breast Feeding (3 pages)

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Infant Formula vs Breast Feeding

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Infant Formula vs Breast Feeding


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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jams 214 - Advertising in American Society

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JAMS 214 1st Edition Lecture 13 Ex infant formula vs breast feeding Case study nestle People were paid to go into hospitals and homes and pretending to be health professionals saying that formula was better than breastfeeding and if you cared for your baby you would 1985 UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection o basic needs food water need to be available not charged o safety o information right to be protected against dishonest advertising o choiceo representation o redress o consumer education o healthy environment o these are all guidelines there is no legal enforcement to not do them Increasing conglomeration These 5 corporations control over 50 of global advertising o WPP Group London o Omnicom New York o Interpublic New York o Publicis Paris o Dentus Tokyo Why globalize agencies Global presence These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Way around client conflicts Rise of global financial concerns Create foreign offices AND dense global networks Two major tensions Global brand advertising rarely reflects the culture of individual markets Local brand advertising rarely allows for a consistent global message Locally adapting a universally embraced core idea that will resonate in any market worldwide Three main pillars of glocal advertising o 1 Global concepts must address universal human motivation o unified message leaves room for local nuances o culture of cooperation and hearing resources between global and local strategies ex Pepsi ad we will rock you o represents robin hood feminist unity showmanship o to change it to Egyptian views Changed Enrique Englasias But offer a different view of woman empowerment Because in the end the lion ate the women Successful global brands Global local Address universal human motivation that crosses cultures o Ex health safety parenthood achieving goals etc Position product as integral to achieving this motivation Some

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