UW-Milwaukee JAMS 214 - Product Placement I (3 pages)

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Product Placement I

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Product Placement I


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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jams 214 - Advertising in American Society

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JAMS 214 1st Edition Lecture 14 Paid product message aimed at influencing an audience to have positive association with a brand Planned and unobtrusive Aid with high production and advertising costs o 15 of total revenue from product placement a lot of times a tv show when they do need products to make the set look real they get money to help build the set though product placement in last twenty years it went from like no product placement to having a bunch of product placement The first main product placement ever done was done with Hershey s reesces pieces and E T o Speilburg went to M M s first and they declined after they movie premiered reeses pieces saw a 65 jump in sales and a large expansion of market share Other examples james bond and heinecken the social network and the Lincoln lawyer the office and staples sex and the city with absolute a book the bvlagari connection by fay weldon Mad men half the products in the show are not even paid for purposefully ambiguous Product placement in games basketball and Gatorade doritos truck in a game Intended effects Brand exposure Von Restorff Effect theory that says that if you place a familiar brand in unexpected context it will have a positive impact of brand recognition and the recall of that memory when they are going to go buy something will be there and influence our purchase Increased authenticity of content it makes the scene people are viewing look real Indirect product endorsement there will be a commercial about that product in the break for commercials Promotional support for media products the products can brand themselves and co brand each other on that Unintended effects Content may be compromised by brands brands dictating that content be changed Blurring of ads and content Controversial products get around ad restrictions bans alcohol cigarette Lack of disclosure These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as

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