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Talks about county government

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University of Texas at Arlington
Pols 2312 - State and Local Government
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POLS 2312 1st Edition Lecture 34 Outline of Last Lecture I Education Court Cases A Brown vs Board of Education B San Antonio ISD vs Board of Education C Edgewood ISD vs Kirby Robin Hood Funding II Education Reforms A Education Reform in 1980 s B Education Reform in 1990 s C After Reforms III Poverty in Texas IV Welfare Policy A Medicaid B TANF C Medicare D Obamacare V Water Policy Outline of Current Lecture I Counties II County Commissioner III Functions of County Government A Law Enforcement IV County Clerks and City Managers V School Board of Trustees Current Lecture l There are 254 counties in Texas and Texas has the most school districts than any other state Houston is the biggest city in Texas Harris County is the biggest county in Texas and Loving County is the smallest ll These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute There are 4 county commissioners They maintain roads bridges and county jails Large counties maintain public facilities like libraries parks or public hospitals and administer elections in the county lll The five main functions of the county government are road and bridge construction and maintenance law enforcement dispute resolution record keeping and social services A The sheriff is the chief county law enforcement officer They provide deputies for courthouses and maintain county jails lV County clerks keep records of vital stats and some counties just administer money The City Manager is hired by the council but can be fired at will V The School Board of Trustees adopts a budget and sets the tax rate They hire superintendents select textbooks and set the school calender

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