ISU MUS 152 - Banjo Continued (2 pages)

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Banjo Continued

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Banjo Continued


Banjo Continued

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Illinois State University
Mus 152 - Experiencing Music
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Mus 152 1nd Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Banjo Outline of Current Lecture II Banjo Continued Current Lecture By WWI the elevation fad of banjos faded away Banjo left in the hands of rural white southerners 1920 s golden age of recording 1923 Fiddlin John Carson The Old Hen She Cackled Okeh Records Ralph Pear producer Furniture stores hifi equipment 1923 the old hen fiddling John Carson first commercial country record Hillbilly image promoted by record company 1920 s guitar added to hillbilly stereotype Same images as minstrel shows but applied to white rural southerners Dock Boggs hillbilly musician Charlie Poole Take a Little Drink on Me Hillbilly stereotype internalized Guitar sold through mail order added rhythmic pulse American guitar companies Gibson C F Martin 1930 s Great Depression major slow down of recording industry golden age of the radio These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute New Technology Radio Federal regulation early 1930 s XERA Broadcast from Mexico set up by Dr John Brinkley set up million watt radio station played country music most successful musicians carter family Maybelle Sara A P Carter ex Keep on the Sunny Side Moral lyrics salvation dead serious family sense Legitimate radio 1930 s three cities competing Shreveport LA Louisiana Hayride Chicago IL WLS World s Largest Store Sears National Barndance Nashville TN WSM Grand Ol Opry strictly clean and decent 1930 s opry broadcast hillbilly music 1930 s peoples favorite were cowboy films Rot Rodgers movie cowboy white horse 6 gun 10 gallon hat Hank Williams

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