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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Lectures 1-7

Study Guide
West Virginia University
Geog 102 - World Regions

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GEOG 102 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 7 Lecture 1 2 World Regional Geography August 26 1 Geography is the study of the Earth s surface and the interactive physical and human processes that shape the surface Described as interdisciplinary because it links physical sciences with social sciences Focus on physical geography is on Earth s physical processes and how they affect humans Human geography studies the patterns and processes that create distinctive landscapes and regions 2 Some central questions geographers ask are How and why people came to occupy a particular place How people may create environmental problems How people interact with other places far and near 3 A global approach is focusing on the knowledge about physical and social characteristics worldwide 4 A scale refers to the relationship between the size of the thing on the map and it s actual size on the Earth s surface 4 scales used are global world regional subregional and local scale 5 We can define regions using Physical features political boundaries and cultural characteristics 6 Geographers say that boundaries used to define regions are fuzzy because there can be mixed integrated aspects such as language and food that are shared between closely located regions The boundaries are not sacred because they are unpredictable Geographers use regions to define even though they are so hard to define because they are a good guide 7 We should be aware of over generalization when we make comparisons Big comparisons might be unfair incorrect and dangerous because of over generalization 8 The Danger of a Single Story means representing a person place or thing as only one thing until they become that thing Creates stereotypes that may lead to misjudgment 9 7 Ways we will compare world regions are physical patterns population patterns human patterns overtime economic issues political issues socio cultural issues environmental issues Lecture 3 4 North America August 28 September 2 Geographical

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