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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Psyc 110 - General Psychology
General Psychology Documents

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Psyc 110 Exam 1 Study Guide Lecture on Chapter 7 What are the differences between these long term memories explicit and implicit memory o Explicit requires a conscious effort and awareness to recall this information Implicit memory is when you do not need to consciously recall your brain will recall the information without effort Procedural and priming o Both implicit memory but procedural memory refers to how to do things such as motor skills and habits while priming refers to how quick or easy it is to remember previous encounters Semantic and Episodic o Semantic memory is our knowledge and facts about the world and episodic is the recollection of these events Flash Bulb o Flash bulb memory usually happens when an impacting event occurs and you recall exactly what you were doing and what was going on when this event happens The difference between sensory short term and long term memory Sensory the first to factor into memory It is the brief moments of perception before going into short term memory Iconic visual and echoic auditory Short term second factor into memory Gives us the ability to hold on to the information we are currently thinking so that we may process the information properly Decay fading of info and interference loss of info because of incoming information Long term Third factor into memory The retention of information stored regarding facts experiences and skills What is encoding and after encoded how do you get the information out from storage Encoding is the process of getting information into our memory banks Retrieval is what we call when you want to fetch a memory after encoding it Failures of retrieval the memory is still there but you cannot access it The difference between recall recognition and relearning Recall remembering previous information Recognition picking what to recall from your memory banks Relearning reacquiring knowledge that you ve previously learned but have forgotten over time What are the primacy and recency effects

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